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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Mar 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapSomething about these tempretures concerns me??

-4°C | -13°C Fri
-6°C | -26°C Sat
-11°C | -28°C Sun
-18°C | -36°C Mon - The HIGH is -18...BRRRRRR RRR RRRR

I feel like I am the only person crazy enough to be riding a push bike around in this cold! I am probably the only crazy Australian girl to be found with frozen limbs and snot flying down the road, dodging the ice spots. You certainly have a sense of living when your body endures these kinds of tempretures and your thankful for being warm blooded - thank you morning rice krispies for keeping me warm on my way to work :)

My aim before I leave Canada is to do this:

I still think I will make it to the ski hill this weekend despite the cold...keen much?

I started planning my Central and South America cycle and have got some important info thus far: Visa requirements, average tempretures and average rainfall (important when your out in the elements and sleeping in a tent). Im starting to look at top festivals that I can time my trip to coincide with...we all know how much this culture likes to party, and the fact that its mostly always warm and tropical there is no end to them. I cant figure out a starting spot for my cycle, but somewhere in Mexico - if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.
Before my cycle I will be road tripping through Canada, Alaska and the U.S to get to Mexico so looking forward to seeing more of Canada, watching killer whales, seeing the wild of Alaska and hopefully changing my current perceptions of the U.S (and maybe one mind altering experience or two at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert - Emma if your in the U.S at this time I would definately be getting to it!).

Has there been any births/marriages/enagagments etc back home?? Any other news?

Thanks to Nan Jacka for sending through the Geelong Advertising special on the Vic Bushfires, you would be amazed at how much people here in the little Town of Canmore were talking about it, a concern for them, even though so far away. Looked like the whole of Vic was on fire! So sad.

Will keep you posted if I survive this cold ;)