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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Mar 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapI have survived thus far with the current tempretures. I can also imagine that those of you back home are tired of hearing how cold it is here... :) I may get a little enjoyment out of annoying here is another weather update!

-19°C | -32°C Mon - current temp -24
-16°C | -28°C Tue
-7°C | -20°C Wed
0°C | -11°C Thurs - see why Canadians call this "warm"?

I know that I will look back at this blog over the years and wonder why I chose to come here in the winter :)

My weekend started on Friday night, beer o'clock ticked around and I met some friends at the local "Rose and Crown" for some 'lets forget the week of work' drinks. Being the only Aussie in a group of Canadians who were all jolly after an hour was an interesting experience as they joked (constantly) about my Australian accent and told me I was crazy for riding my bike around in these conditions, one guy even tried to put my bike in the back of the taxi as he didnt want me riding home. Haha, its all uphill on the way home, so I was warm ;)
Saturday saw me taking Luke (my adopted rent-a-dog) back out into the wilderness as we walked for most of the morning, frollicked in the dog park, and followed the train tracks until we came across a whole lot of elk or deer tracks...further on, a bit of fur...and even further on some blood. As Luke's eyes nervously strayed up the Mountain above...I thought it perfect time to turn around and head home. Hopefully the Cougar was eating whatever it was that caused the big scuffle in the snow!
I thought after all my walking that I would relax at home with a movie and watched Madagasgar 2 (Escape to Africa), definately a must see, and more for adults than children - what a laugh!
Dinner with friends on Saturday night, 3 Brits, 1 Norwegian and 1 Aussie in a classic English Pub, in downtown Canmore in Canada (ironic?) as I enjoyed yet another "Kokanee" a GREAT Canadian beer which I am very quickly becoming very fond of!

Sunday I enjoyed a sleep in as the clocks moved forward an hour for daylight savings, I have heard in the peak of summer it doesnt get dark here until 10-11pm, bliss if you want a kayak or mountain bike ride after work! I spent the rest of my morning researching my next big adventure and decided the only way to plan will be in bite size chunks, so at the moment my trip start will either be in San Diego CA or Nogales, Mexico (Disclaimer: subject to change without warning). There are so many decisions to make, maybe I should just pack up my stuff and start riding? Although deep down I know that a part of the fun of my travels is deciding where to go, creating my own experiences and living my dreams as I watch the choices I personally make create the person I want to be and the smiles, rewards, reflections, and struggles which I know this trip will provide.

One thing this journey so far has taught me is:

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. - Tim Cahill.

I hope that I can learn to open my arms and heart to more friends as my journey progresses, to give back just a little of what they have given to me.

Back to the afternoon I had my first taste of classic skiing, otherwise known as backcountry skiing along a track to Goats Creek, I've heard its a picture perfect mountainbike track in the summer - so I will be back. I shuffled my way along as I tried to "glide" as gracefully as my skiing partner and got the knack of it about halfway back :) I thought it was almost like being out for a hike, but was later told it should be more like a run...maybe one day ey'. Once we come out of the little valley we had been skiing in we realised that the tempreture had dropped and the windchill had picked it was nice to get back into the car and home again. The day was finished off with yet another lovely home cooked meal and my bed was a welcome sight for my legs which were starting to feel the events of the weekend (or maybe not wanting the working week to start).

Today the cold got to even the toughest Canadians and I luckily got rides with friends instead of braving the cold on my pushie. Tonight I went to yoga class, trying to be more flexible while showing more of my butt to my yoga neighbour than I think I have ever seen of myself! Called past a friends house on the way home and was again offered a meal and wine...the really humbles me, I'm not quite sure what else to say about it, it just really inspires me to be a better person. Im extremely lucky and extremely grateful.