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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Mar 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapA walk up Cougar Creek was on my list of to-do for Canmore. I took Luke out on a balmy +10 degree day, sun shining down but the Mountains covered in clouds which were sifting fresh snow onto the peaks of the Rockies. This creek is basically in my back yard so I kitted up with a backpack full of warm clothes, my new Canon Powershot [insert fancy number here] with its 10x Optical, 9x MP, and my hiking boots. Luke and I scrambled over the icey pathway and down onto the actual creek, which was still running and could only be seen with glimpses of water through holes in the 2 inch thick ice and piles of snow that covered it. The water is crystal clear, so you can see all of the different colours of the rocks below. We walked our way up the creek, sometimes the path wound through the classic Canadian pine trees which lined the side of the small canyon we were in, but mostly we walked either beside the creek or on top of it. It is extremely daunting walking on ice that you can hear running water just wait for the ice to crack and the cold to seep into your boots. I didnt get wet, but had a spectacular slip and my whole backside was covered in melted with the sunshine and I warmed up again after awhile, noone was around to witness it other than Luke, and he didnt mind, he was too busy looking out for rabbits and squirrels and sniffing everything in sight.

I also got invited to go classic skiing on the weekend, there are some pictures of my efforts clad in bright yellow atire so I didnt get lost :) The whole family headed up, while Dad pulled the kids along in the chariot (fitted with ski's on the bottom!) Mum and I chatted as we skated and glided along the Canmore Nordic Centre tracks. It snowed the entire time and it was so beautiful, my entire head was covered in snow and ice by the end of our ski! Dad was giving me lots of pointers on how to balance on the 1 inch wide ski's and 'glide, glide, glide' which I put in a bit of practice, as you can tell from my rosy red cheeks I was skiing up a few hills. Downhill skiing is a breeze as you allow gravity and the lack of friction get you down the mountain and the nice lifts to take you back up again. I heard from my yoga instructor that in Europe they have heated seats for the lifts for your comfort...maybe I could mention that to the ski hills here?? Anyhow, I enjoyed being taken out cross country and it was my first time at the Nordic Centre which holds many races and competitions for all sorts of skiing and also holds the 24hour solo in the summer (cant wait for that), some friends are going in it, and I am considering it (as part of a team anyway). Heres the link if you want a peek:

It amazes me that I have landed myself in a town which is still so small, but attacts so many awesome outdoors events! If you believe in fate, or that some things are meant to be - then this must be it!

The weekend ended for me with some great company, a nice pie from the local Railway Deli (yummy gourmet food) and a nice South Australian bottle of wine - had to have a little bit of home, and maybe a couple of beers...and maybe I shouldnt have been drinking and staying up late on a sunday night with work early the next day...but thats what I am here for, to live a little. Im sure my Yoga class tonight will test how much I abused my body over the weekend!

So, the week brings more planning for my cycle, yoga tonight, work, work and work, meeting another newbie in Canmore from NZ for 'wings night' at "The Drake", job interview with a horse guiding outfit, and probably a little more skiing and I have been told its only 10 Days until my Bel's visit to Canada! Countdown!

Tis all my news for now...
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