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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Mar 2009

Location: Man-more :), Canada

MapSeems as though spring is either here, or right around the corner. The days have got warmer, the snow in the town has all but melted apart from a few big piles which are created from sweeping and shovelling the streets after fresh snowfall, the sun shines down and has some warmth in its rays. I found out there are such things as winter jackets and spring jackets and to be honest, when it hits +5 it feels like t-shirt weather and yes I cant believe I am saying it either!

I met up with some friends last night for wings night and it turned into a early am ride home on my push bike. I will never say that Jack Daniel shots are even close to a good idea, neither is the steep hill right before my house which is outside of the reaches of the street lights and currently iced up like a steep iceskating rink, lets just say that while I scamper up with my feet slipping beneath me I drag my push bike horizontally behind me, as the tyres have no grip on the ice...nothing has grip on ice...I told the ice in my (allegedly) drunken state that it should either be fluffy and walkable or to not be there at all - this windswept thing is just not cool. Needless to say that my ride to work this morning still included the same icey slopes and maybe next time sterner words are needed?
So I can now add The Drake and The Hoe (Canmore Hotel) to my "Done" list. I never imagined that my night (or early morning) would have ended at the Hoe discussing environmental issues and town planning?
The percentage of Canadians changed also... 1 Aussie, 1 New Zealander and 4 Canadians for dinner. I love that Canmore is somewhat of a transcient community. In Banff, people come and go for a season, but those looking to settle a little more, but still be close to all the action at the base of the Rockies and the nearby ski hills move to Canmore, yet they are still open to the worlds offerings, new friends and dream of travels abroad.

The smile from my travels has not yet wiped off my face and I am completely happy here, my eyes seem to have an extra shine to them, to me - an indication that deep down I am content and feel so fortunate to be able to experience life, it still feels strange that after 5 years of study that I can relax and enjoy myself. My wobbly ride home last night had me grinning from ear to ear as I allowed myself to be reckless with life. I can see the next few years of my life will be filled with similar fortunes. Bring it on!

Congrats to Richard & Anita also - im so stoked for you guys...I will keep the news from my blog in case there are people you havent told - cant wait to see some pictures!

Love, O and X's