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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Mar 2009

Location: Sunshine & Canmore, Canada

MapI knew when I was writing in my last update that there wasnt much snow around that Canada would turn it on again - and that it did! Waking up this morning to about 20cm was very romantic as I lay in bed and watched the snowflakes falling softly and its still floating on down - so the snow season isnt over just yet!

I went up with a group of friends to Sunshine to enjoy the Spring skiing and what a day! The sun belted down for almost the entire day as we carved our tracks in the snow, starting the morning off with a delux breakfast on the ski hill - true Canadian style with pancakes, strawberry jam, cinnamon butter, maple syrup & icing sugar with a side of bacon and a little fruit, what a hit to get me going in the morning. Breakfast certainly helped as we made our way to the park and I gave a few smaller jumps a go and then by the end of the day I was 'grinding' along some of the boxes! Fear isn't a word in the vocabulary when your on the ski hill, otherwise you wouldnt give anything a go. Ive been told my ski style is improving and I'm enjoying getting down the runs even more now I have a little technique.
I vaguely remember being taken up the summit of Mt Buller in Victoria Australia as a child and being told..."just go for it, just snow plow your way down" - unfortunately that run ended with one ski pole 50 metres to the left, one ski pole 50 metres to the right, one ski 100 metres down the hill the other 100 metres up the hill, so theres me lying in the middle of the run and being asked: "how did you manage that". I can only say that it is one way to learn and Im glad that those days are now over and I can make my way down without biting the dust too much :)

As you can see from the photos the day on the ski hill ended with a party at night as we all got into some great food and crowded the table when the chocolate fountain was bought out! Statistics on attendees: 2 Aussies, 9 Brits, 2 Norweigans, 4 Irishman and 3 Canadians. Note to self: no matter where you come from, a chocolate fountain is a good way to make friends :)

I am still challenged daily living away from the comfort of home and yet as I become frustrated or disappointed I welcome the signs and use them to build a stronger character that will serve me well in my future travels. I was told that I should rethink my travels to Central and South America because of the dangers - luckily by someone who hadnt even been there! Last night I straightened it out by talking to someone who had travelled extensively through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina and it confirmed what I already believed, that the goodness far outweighs the bad, and that as long as you are careful (as you would be in any country, even your own) and well informed then things should go your way. It brought up images in my mind of little street markets, colourful and culturally rich people, dancing with families until the early hours of the morning and cycling through the Andes with just myself for company. I know that the rewards of this trip will be plenty and the hardships just a part of why I am doing it. I look forward to telling stories of the beauty of where I am going.

The snow is still falling outside and I plan to get out into it, fill my boots up with snow, walk knee deep in fresh powder and shovel the sidewalks to avoid the $200 fine :) hehe...regulations...doesnt matter where you are!

I think of home often and I hope that you are all well X