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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Mar 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapI scored an interview at the local horse guiding outfit on Sunday and I am extremely excited of the prospect of a job in this area. People, horses, sunshine, mountains, fresh air! Will keep you all posted. Horse riding in the Rocky Mountains...think about it :)

Belinda arrives tomorrow, although I am a little worried as she is flying in Calgary and picking up the hire car we have booked for her time here...once she is picked up from the airport and has the car organised she has to switch her brain into another gear as she drives on the right hand side of the road! I wish her the best of luck, no new snow so the roads should be clear and once she has gone the very short drive to Hwy 1 its all one road from there. She has some amazing sights ahead as she will go through flat prairie land into the Rocky Mountains...I hope she doesnt rubber neck too much taking in the views, as they are spectacular. We have skiing booked for Saturday and a fantastic breakfast spot for Sunday, maybe a visit to the Kananaskis river Sunday afternoon. From there...we shall leave that to the guide books, our only destination is to Japser, which will be an experience unto itself. One more sleep until she arrives and one more day of work to get through. Excite!

My mountain bike is making its way over to Canada very soon and Im very excited about its arrival. There is a camp in August that I am definately going to be apart of:

All girls, bikes, mud, downhills, tricks, jumps, logs, mountains...too much fun! I gotta get cycle fit because I am going to have my butt on a bicycle for a very long time once my Latin America trip starts. This is all for fun tho and I look forward to learning more about bike control - thank you fully comprehensive travel insurance policy for taking the cost of injuries off my mind :)

For those of you who do not grace Facebook with your presence this is a rough guide to my cycle path...rough...and definately a work in progress:

If you know anyone who has cycled or even visited these parts of the world, I would love to hear from them, I need some onground advice, rather than the hyped up, scare mongering of the press.