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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Mar 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapGrizzly bears in Alberta: people estimate there is thousands, but in reality the research suggests that a conservative number is closer to 300-400 bears in the provice of Alberta. The Wild Smart speaker series concluded with a talk from 10 years of research into Grizzly bear populations, the talk went for over an hour. Things that I took from it: there are less bears that I would have thought making my chances of meeting one on my walks less of a frequent occurance and 92% of their diet is vegetation - NOT PEOPLE :)

They are an extremely important part of Canadas ecosystem and most people are happy to live alongside these amazing creatures and happy to set aside space especially for them, the troubles the bears run into is poachers, habitat destruction and roads. Lets hope that with fantastic research like what I went to listen to tonight will influence future government and industry decisions to preserve their future.

One plus of my new horse guiding job is that even when there is knowledge of bears in the area and its closed to the public I can still take the horses out because there has never been an incidence of bears and horses :) So watch this space for photos once Summer here is in full swing.

My Australian companion enjoyed a leisurely day shopping in Banff and showing herself around while I sat in my office earning the $. So theres not much to report on today...the next week is filled with fun and adventures so keep posted :)