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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapThe day ended with Buffalo Burgers and the Buffalo Song...but lets start at the beginning...

Belinda started her day with a sleep in, while I continued to mould my office chair to my butt for yet another day. Once up, Belinda spent up a storm in Canmore with some gorgeous local framed photography work of the Canadian wildlife and an amazing book filled with the photographers complete works. We dined at the Harvest Cafe for lunch with its particular way of mixing interesting flavours together for a lunch taste sensation! A lightly toasted green tortilla wrap with chicken, double brie, pear and a sweet mayonnaise with a berry mayonnaise dip and a garnish of pickled cucumber served with a spinach side salad with cranberries, walnuts, pear, parmesen cheese with a sweet balsamic vinegar dressing - is your mouth watering yet?

After work we set off on a walk to Silvertip as the sun slowly began to disappear behind the mountains. To get there we walked through snow, slushy mud, and the odd ice patch which Bel managed to find more than her fair share of. The walkway to Silvertip above the town allowed for many photo ops for Bel as the town spreads out on the valley floor with the mountains towering behind casting grey shadows downwards and the giant Canadian flag at the Nordic Centre pokes out of the pines and waves proudly. Down jackets are shed while we walk partway up the mountain to arrive at the snow covered golf course and we strolled along the golf buggy tracks until we stopped dead as antlers moved up ahead. One male elk stood there staring back at us as the two Australian girls muffled their excited squeals at what we were seeing. Bel wondered if it was wise to keep moving forward in its direction and I assured her that they are only statistically dangerous :) Further on I spotted more antlers, bigger and wider than the first as the other three male elk came to join their friend. What a treat! There are many photos as we happily snapped away at these beasts and then continued our walk to leave them in peace while they munched away at the nicely cultivated lawns which the golf course management have kindly provided for them.

Home just in time to jump in our hire car for our dinner date with a friend with the promise of "Bison Burgers", Bison and Buffalo are interchangable and one in the same - just to save confusion. The burgers were really good as 2 Aussies, 1 Canadian and 1 Englishman sat down to discuss guiding, which side of the road the english drive on, conservation, bears, elk, travel and finished off our dinner with a game of Mongolian knuckles - real animal knuckles (i dont want to know how these were smuggled onto the plane and through customs from Mongolia to Canada, but it made for a fun game). The game is complex but each knuckle has 4 different sides: camel, horse, sheep and goat and you have to flick like sides until you can collect all of the knuckles...we could see the game could have continued until the early hours, so off we headed to the Grizzly Paw from some locally brewed beer.

Belinda found out my love, and mild obsession for chocolate brownies (too good!) as we ate desert. The names of the beers are I think what make them - Rutting Elk, Powderhound, Raspberry Beavertail...the list goes on. Open mic night provided us with some great music and as my friend got up to sing and play guitar I knew we were in for a real treat. The Buffalo song (amongst others) was requested by me as we all sat back, drinking beers at the paw watching the thick snow come down outside.

By midnight we thought it time to leave as I made my way out to the car to dust off the accumulated snow, sitting down with my legs still out of the car I start the car to get it warm and get rid of the snow, but I had left the windshield wipers on, and before I could stop it they had dumped 4 hours of snow from the windscreen into my lap...oh the joys, and the laughs! Lights on, driving off, I made the comment that the lights didnt look very bright - were they even on? We were in town which was already well lit so I wasnt too sure, it wasnt until we got down a dark street that we realised that the snow had covered the lights and obviously that means that no light would get through! More laughs as we slowly drove home with our summer tyres keeping the speed low and into bed for a well deserved nights sleep.

I havent updated the weather report for awhile:

2°C | -11°C Wed - Chance of snow
3°C | -11°C Thu - Chance of snow
3°C | -12°C Fri - Chance of snow
5°C | -11°C Sat - Chance of rain

Balmy! - Hello Spring.

Love R.J