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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Apr 2009

Location: Banff & Canmore, Canada

MapApril Fools?

After the snow from the night before, my bike ride to work promised to be interesting. My left foot stayed straight the entire time as I used it to keep me balanced as I slipped and slid my way to work. Finally there, the day held nothing too exciting and I was hanging out for it to end for a night of Poker with friends and then my 4 days off for our road trip up the Icefields Parkway.

A message on my voicemail from the friends we were going to be playing cards with certainly changed what was to happen that afternoon. A friend of mine had an accident on the ski hill and the message went "he has broken his back in three places, and broken his hand, he isnt paralysed, we are at the hospital now". Holy S*%t! I asked if he was up for visitors and he was, so straight after work to get some magazines and some candy for the patient.
He was still in Emergency when we arrived and collared up and not looking too good, he was still waiting on results back from Calgary on his condition, and his spirits were ok. Here he was away from home, no family support, lying flat on the bed since 11am and not being able to move. While we were catching up on the details of the fall (which was a result of a jump, a rock hidden beneath a cover of powder and a bad landing on his neck) the nurse returned with fantastic news! Specialists from Calgary called; he was able to take the collar off, sit up and eat!! He was starving not having eaten all day, so off we went for take away sushi, by the time we got back he was admitted and had walked a few steps to his bed and his spirits were much better knowing that things were going to be ok and was thankful for the sushi and orange juice.

After our visit, we went to go and catch up with the friends we originally were to play poker with and just hit a few bars instead. They were so glad to hear the news of their friend and told me that they thought he was playing an April Fools joke on them, telling them that he was in hospital and had broken his back. Two of them actually called the hospital to confirm it!! We wish it was a joke! The first band we saw for the night was a total crack up country band with songs like "when did we become white trash", "she's gone back to hoareing" and "you only like me when Im drunk". Very interesting and I think very drunk :)
After a few photos with the Canmore Communitie's artistic addition "the head" we were off to "The Hoe" for a few more drinks where we finished off the night with a super cool rock and roll band, who told us they had been smoking weed all day - I think they did extremely well considering...they were a happy bunch at the least :)

So a 2am finish and an early start to get on the road, travellers!

Quick healing to the patient is all I hoped for that day.