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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Apr 2009

Location: Canmore to Lake Louise, Canada

MapSnow much fun!!

We were off in our rental car on the perfect Canadian spring day, sun shining, snow on the ground and first stop Johnstons Canyon. The large amount of people who use this walk has led to it being more of an icewalk up and an ice slide down. Belinda grappled with balance and took one big tumble which saw her landing on her elbow onto the ice - not fun! What was fun was getting a run up on the downhill and skating along the ice in my boots, with the guiderail close by for support - all the other kids were doing it!

We stopped by Moose Meadows on the way to Lake Louise, unfortunately, no Moose were to be seen - being Belindas main aim of this trip...I think we are going to have to try pretty hard as they used to be there in the 50's and 60's, hence the name moose meadows, but not so much anymore. We are on the lookout.

We drove along Hwy 1A, which is the old Hwy and runs parallel to Hwy1 to Lake Louise, 60km limit means there is more of a chance to spot wildlife, we only managed a few deer and one suicide squirrel who ran right at my tyre! Luckily it wasnt too icey so I could swerve away and Mr Suicide Squirrel was away to the other side of the road to live another day.

Lake Louise still blessed us with sunshine as we arrived to a very crowded lake covered in a foot of snow and as I told Belinda - AT LEAST a foot of ice so she would walk over the lake with me. In parts the water was showing...but luckily we were too far in to turn back. My genius plan was to go where nobody else was really walking to get away from the crowds which turned out to be a bit of adventure. In parts the snow was compact enough to get over easily but as we continued walking Bel started to loose her feet. Being the good friend I am, I laughed and laughed at her misfortune of finding all of the weak patches in the snow as we continued to walk along and the lost feet turned into lost calves and knees. In some parts I had to stop from wetting myself as the laughter continued and I too lost my feet when she made me walk in front. Nothing is worse than walking along blissfully and then for your feet to be taken out from under you. Generally, the feeling of falling through snow doesnt bother me so much, its the lake that awaits you underneath all that snow that had us both thinking it best to return from whence we came.

Onto the road well travelled meant that we made it all the way to the end of the lake to the ringing of bells of the big draught horses which pull the sleighs along the side of the lake and the sight of an amazing ice-blue frozen waterfall. By the time we walked back across the lake it was time for hostel check in and a yummy dinner before an early night as we have alot planned for tomorrow.

I will put up photos in the next few days as they go along with my stories of elk, the head, johnstons canyon, lake louise and general snowness - while I am out in the wilderness the net is too slow for photos :) Stay posted.

Peace out X