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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Apr 2009

Location: Jasper to Calgary to Canmore, Canada

MapFor those of you not on facebook, Im hoping that these links will work as it saves me posting all these photos up twice...the second link might contain some photos you have already seen so please suffer quietly, the rest are all new - so enjoy! :)

Today I said my goodbyes to Bel as she boarded a train from Jasper to Vancouver, lucky duck! We had so much fun while she was here and I will miss the company, the laughs and the talks that only close friends can have :) Thanks Bel!

I had alot of ground to cover today with a drive from Jasper to Calgary to drop the hire car off and then bus or hitchhike back to Canmore. Jasper to Calgary 412kms, estimated travel time: 5 hours. Rachels time (with home stopover to drop off gear): 4 1/2 hours :) Sweeet! About 80kms out of Jasper I look to my left to the vision of a line of mountains, at least spanning the next 100kms of my drive. These mountains all had the same 45 degree angle to them, with their top points running so stark against the blue backdrop. The most impressive thing about this big group of mountains was the lines which the rock took and the way the snow rested on its edges. What was once horizontal rock in the ground has now been etched into mountains, hundreds of feet high with the front side on a 45 degree angle and the result is a vision of trying to imagine millions of years of glacial movement for it to get to its present day form.

So back down the Icefields Parkway and through my home town of Canmore to drop off my bags and then into the big smoke (Calgary) to drop off Susie Sunfire our rental car. As I was driving out of the Rockies, the mountains turned into hills which turned into rural grasslands and gave way to the city. My heart broke. I wanted to be back in the mountains. It wasnt until this moment that I realised how much I need to be there. I knew that I loved being here and that it made me happy, but this realisation was more than that, it was such a strong desire to turn the car around and never leave. Apart from the fact that the rental place would be kind of wanting their car returned, I knew that I would be getting on a bus back to Canmore soon enough and after 2 hours I stepped off the bus, took a big deep breath of mountain air and it made me feel like I was home again.

One thing I did find out while being in the city was that in Canada KFC (dirty chicken) does home delivery. I dont even know what to comment on this...deep fried home delivery. sad.

Now that spring is here the Tundra Swans are migrating. There is a lake close to Canmore which is their stopover, unfortunately, due to our long winter, its still frozen, so I hope they make it all the way to the Arctic Tundra on empty stomachs, or that the lake unfreezes over the next two weeks to provide them with their stopover. Bald eagles have also been using Rocky Mountain thermals to migrate. I have seen 3 over the past week, their flapless existence allows me to spot them quite quickly in the air. Such wide wing spans with their big wingtip feathers spread out wide, stunning.

Well, now that the road trip has ended I wont be doing daily updates unless something amazing happens. Back to work tomorrow and start shopping around for some western gear for my new job starting in May. Im excited at the promise of being in the outdoors for Spring, Summer and Fall and sharing lots of stories about my encounters and adventures.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos, I certainly had fun taking them.

Until we meet again. R.J