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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Apr 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapFeeling hot hot hot.

Spring has bought with it some warm tempretures. Plus 14, 15 and 17 the other day (it was actually double the tempreture of Hobart yesterday)! The canmorians and canadians love it, they are out in their shorts and t-shirts. I guess when you have seen mius 28 only weeks ago, 15 is like a heatwave. The sun beams down with a little respite from the heat with the clouds that pass. I only have my big gortex boots which saw me through winter, so some summer hiking shoes are needed so that my feet dont melt each time I go out of the office for bank and post run. I imagine that being in the middle of North America, with no sea breeze, that summer is going to be quiet warm. The quarry is where all the locals head for summer swimming so I will be also frequenting the area unless I find some golden spot for swimming elsewhere.

I have also been doing more research on my upcoming cycle and I found a magic quote from a guy who has been cycling since 2006: "It's career suicide -- but it beats workin'!". I have always been extremely future driven and although I believe taking 12-24 months off to cycle from Mexico to somewhere in South America will do wonders for personal growth, life experiences and my calf muscles its not really making my law degree work for me or building some financial backing to provide for the family that I someday wish to have. Also working with horses for the summer and maybe on the ski slopes in the winter in Canada is not using my degrees - but these days its difficult to wipe the smile from my face, so for now I know what I should be doing :) The legal career might just have to wait.

So with Easter this weekend, it has made me start to realise that I will be missing alot of the holidays and events that my family will be celebrating together. The full extent of being away from home only just registering with me (have I been away for over 3 months and having too much fun?). Im not coming home anytime soon, dont get me wrong, but I miss you all alot and will be thinking of you in front of the bonfire drinking wine, kids up late and out on night bush walks. Waking up after sleeping on the floor with everyone else to a wonderful breakfast and then a big easter egg hunt. I hope the sun is shining for you out there and the tiger snakes are few :)

My mountain bike arrives next week and I have been practising on my 'town bike' without the same effect, and Im sure I look pretty geeky trying to get air over the kerbs on my way to work. Everyone will take me seriously once I am atop Poison Ivy, my 2009 Alias Giant, strapped in and ready to rock :) haha. I cant even take myself seriously these days.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone, hope the bunny hopped his/her way into your life and layed you a few eggs.