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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Apr 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapJust life.

Signs that Spring is here:

1. The little pond behind my work that was once an iceskating rink now has little duckies swimming on it.
2. Snow doesnt 'set in', it just passes by, the sunshine comes out and then it snows again, sometimes it rains, sometimes it hails, sometimes its windy, sometimes its not.
3. Mud rather than ice tracks
4. The buds on the trees are beginning to show
5. Shorts and t-shirts
6. Friends talking about mountain bike riding and kayakking, rather than skiing.

Recent weather:

3°C | -4°C Tue - snow showers
6°C | -3°C Wed - mostly cloudy
9°C | -3°C Thur - partly cloudy
13°C | 0°C Fri - showers

See - confirms point 2. above :)

I scored an awesome deal the other day, went out shopping with a friend downtown, saw a couple standing in town with skis leaning against a rubbish bin with a A4 sheet of paper written "for sale". We approached them and they were from Holland, leaving that day for Calgary and onwards travelling. They were keen to get rid of them, so for $100 CAD i got skis, bindings, poles, boots and a bag! Deal of the century? Cant wait to try them out...there is still some snow around on the mountain for another I will do my best.

My mountain bike arrives tonight and Im so excited to get out on the local park with its jumps and log runs and then get out on the tracks when they dry out more. Hello to buying bike parts all the time because I am going to overuse that bike! Canmore is the best place for biking and I have to get really fit if I want to be in a team for the 24adreneline.

No other news really, I've managed to avoid talking to my boss for ages now about my other job...about time to deal with it...argh.

Still loving it here. Doesnt surprise me really :)


~ Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone. ~