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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Apr 2009

Location: Right & Left Bench, Canmore, Canada

MapFor every uphill, there is bound to be a wicked technical descent to put that smile back on my face.

The week ended as it needed to...dinner with a friend and a long soak and chat in the 104F outside hot-tub, great way to end a VERY stressful week at work and to start what I had planned to be a big weekend.

Saturday saw a trip to the Canmore bike swap (swap bike for cash) as I had a few friends looking for bikes. We got there early and the line had wrapped its way around the we positioned ourselves in the sun and waiting patiently with the rest of the bikers trying to snaffle a good deal. The outcome of the weekend: I now have 2 more friends with mountain bikes, and cant wait to get out at nights and weekends on the trails. Not sure if I have mentioned it before, but it doesnt get dark here until 11pm in although it makes it hard to get a good nights sleep, it certainly makes for some entertaining rides/paddles/hikes and late night dinners after work, and probably some exhausting weekends :)

A bundle of friends were gathered up for dinner at the Goat sat night as we all shared laughs, reasonable food and a few Canadian beers while we sadly watched the Flames go down in their second round of playoffs...lets hope the boys make it up tonight.

Sunday had me wondering how much my body could handle as I started the day at the Kananaskis River with a friend out paddling, I took two furry friends out and we walked upstream to meet the kayak and then watched as he played in the waves and we made our way back downstream alongside the river, dodging ice patches and the cold water which I had no desire to be swimming in that day. The afternoon almost held a nap whilst reading a book, but I was up and out again on the bike for a ride along the Montane Trail, which runs from behind my house at the base of Lady MacDonald, and runs along the left bench, through prime bear habitat and along some awesome trails. Little bit of snow and ice slowed us down a little, mud caked my tyres, the bike tried to dismount me a couple of times, but I sitll couldnt wipe the smile from my face at what I get to do in my spare time. There is a couple of photos, but I was enjoying the ride so much I didnt get it out too much (theres always next time right!). There was some wickedly technical ascents and descents and I followed my rule of what you cant ride up - you must run up, so that I did! There was also some great rolling hills to kick the bike around and I stayed in the saddle most of the ride. I ended up with only minor bruising and scratches and didnt pull up sore the next day - so a total success! Finished the day off with a babysitting gig and the kids were so good that it made the job all the more easier.

Current weather - still crazy spring time weather:

15°C | 3°C Mon - Sunny
20°C | 2°C Tue - Partly Cloudy
11°C | -5°C Wed - Showers
2°C | -7°C Thu - Snow Showers

I think I have a different jacket for each one of these days now :)

So I finally broke the news to my current boss about getting a job horse guiding, and she sounded positive, but I hear the news tomorrow at what that means for my current legal eagle position. Will keep you posted...Either way...I have work and will be riding horses and bikes heaps over the next 5 months :)

I sent some hugs and kisses on the last plane for Australia, so hope they find you soon.