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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Apr 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapSo another week ends and the weekend begins...

Apart from dinner parties, lunch dates, walks with Luc, catch ups over coffee, wings night with friends watching the Flames kick arse in the hockey playoffs, lazy nights reading books and work work and more work this week held nothing too out of the ordinary. The weekend is looking like it will bring probably my last session up an Sunshine to try out my recent purchase. I've heard that its icey, so it might be a shorter day than expected...but worth giving it a go. As the season ends they have lots of events up on the ski hill possibly to make up for the average conditions - if I get too bored with the ice, I can always jump/roll/ski/roll/tumble/crash etc down Delerium Dive :) Also in the plans is all you can eat sushi night, probably a mountain bike ride (or two) and a BBQ to end off the weekend.

The weather seems to have kept everyone on their toes. Last weekend was splendid sunshine (drying out the tracks for the canmore bikers) and then as the week went along the tempretures have again dropped well below zero and the down jackets, gloves and toques are back out. There was even a few flurries of snow to keep me out shovelling the pavement.

Im still undecided on work presently, as I have to make up my mind between 1. more money, office work, definate hours and weekends and nights free or 2. horse riding, ALL summer weekends working, and unpredicatable money and hours. Whats a girl too do. So much happens here in the summer over the weekends...decisions hey. Weekend stuff I would have to give up: 24Adreneline, Dirt Bike Series, Trans Rockies veiwing, Folk Festival, Arts Festival, and all the other festivites with friends like camping, annual July 1st Float, hikes, rides, kayakking....mind already made up? I have the weekend to ponder...will keep you posted.

Will keep the camera out this weekend and will hopefully post some photos after the weekend is over. Hows everything back home? Missing me? haha - yeah right!


“Riding in snow is like learning to ski. There’s a definite learning curve, and an appreciation of freaked-out recoveries that comes with time. Sooner or later, you’ll gain a whole new admiration for funky moves.’ - Tom Winter