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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Apr 2009

Location: Sunshine & Canmore, Canada

MapYou cant carve into ice sheets...

Beer o'clock came around on a friday afternoon and it was off to the Rose & Crown for a Rickards White (mmm sweet citrus beer) and some classic fish and chips. I now have refreshed my memory why I do not eat fish and chips with that oily, heavy after feeling and it will be awhile yet before I forget and make the mistake all over again :) The ride home in the snow seemed to fix me up and it was an early night ready and pumped for Sunshine the next day.

After days of my friends telling me that conditions on the hill were really icey and hard to ski that I guess without fresh snowfall I was bound to get the same result. I dont want to seem like a spoilt powder hound, but the morning held lots of knee jerking moves as the ice resisted the blades of my skis and pushed them back up against me as I tried to carve my way down. One of my favorite runs (The Divide) which is named because it runs through both Alberta and British Columbia was so painful and the scraping noise as my skis skid down sideways was less than fun. Divide also holds the park which I have been enjoyed learning a few of the smaller jumps so it was no jumps for me for that day. A stop for lunch saw us watching a jump set up in the village being taken over with backwards/sideways/upsidedown and forward jumping boarders and watching two guys in the "wet area" complete with an ice-bar wearing womens bikinis in -10! Stag party or just crazy? Im just glad I could only see the back of them because the front would be less than desirable Im sure...

Off to Goats Eye for the afternoon and thats when the flurries of snow turned into a complete whiteout! My first skiing experience with that much snow falling. Fresh powder soon piled up and I was carving fresh tracks down some runs which I hadnt done before and although I had to be completely covered to stop the snow coming inside my jacket. It was still awesome and it was only 2 crashes which made my knee ache a little that I gave up and went to the chalet for a hot chocolate and a cookie about 3:30pm. So in one day I had ice skiing, flat light skiing, powder skiing and complete whiteout conditions...certainly is a versatile place!

Saturday night started with one of the best meals I have ever eaten being cooked for me...and because it was originally supposed to be a sushi night, I was cooked tuna steak, salmon steak, prawns on a skewer and a delish salad all washed down with kokanee beer, so good that I wanted to hum my way through the meal, just to show my pure enjoyment. mmmm, soo good!
It was then off to another friends house to watch the Calgary Flames being taken down in their 5th game of the more loss means they are out of the chance for the Stanley Cup and most of this part of Alberta will be devastated. Go Flames!
Then off to another friends house for a visit, too much beer, early am roast pork sandwiches, which also made my tastebuds dance and so many laughs over stories of crazy rafters shooting a bear with duck pellets which had made its way into their cabin, travel stories, rafting stories and stories of bear spray (which is basically pepper spray) which had somehow made its way onto someones genitalia...ouch! Also note to self: when your out hiking for days on end, and when there is no water in sight - hand sanitiser is not the way to clean all those sensitive areas which would feel less than comfortable after days of walking, a friend learnt the hard way, dont make the same mistake! It was only after a few people started to fall asleep (maybe from the vast consumption of alcohol, maybe the time) that I knew it was home time.

Sunday was pretty miserable as the snow continued to fall, I didnt head back up the mountain and the tracks would either be icey or snowy so I called it a domestic day and cleaned and washed, watched a movie called Boondock Saints (which I would definately recommend seeing if you get the chance) and chilled out surfing the net for all the best mountain bike tracks in Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska and the US for my drive down to Mexico. Im thinking me, my mountain bike, a wagon and endless roads and fun to make my way to Mexico...anyone wanting to join is more than welcome...probably be from Aug/Sep 2010 until Dec/Jan 2011 for the road trip before the big bike ride starts - so get in early!! 4 seats available currently...
Sunday afternoon I met some other friends for a dog walk, gourmet burgers on the bbq and a movie. After that I cycled home and had a very early night after my 4 hours sleep the night before. All in all, a great weekend.

I am currently in negotiations with my prospective new work with days etc...Im too spoilt with weekends off and kinda want to keep it that way...

I seem to be more creative at work with my blogs...maybe its that I get paid to write them here?

Love Love X R.J