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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Apr 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapIf it doesnt rain, it pours...and lets hope it doesnt end with a drought.

Still having indecision and emails backwards and forwards with employment, hence the beginning of this blog being that I hope that when I have two jobs on my plate that I dont end up with any job at all!

Current weather: thank goodness the snow of the past few days has gone and it should be all sunshine for the next week. Its been a long winter here and most Canmorians are over it, and the sunshine certainly lifts the spirits!

4°C | -7°C Wed - Partly Cloudy (glass half empty)
7°C | -3°C Thu - Partly Sunny (glass half full)
11°C | -2°C Fri
13°C | -1°C Sat balmy spring weather!

What this means for me is that although I will probably hit the ski hill again this weekend to take advantage of the recent snowfalls and preceeding sunshine it also means that the trails for biking are now either snow covered, soon to be ice covered and if the sunshine hangs around long enough - mud puddles! Now my gut tells me that there will be a very big element of child like enjoyment getting muddy from head to toe, but my head tells me that on technical decents the slippery trails may not have the same allure...regardless...I will get the bike out as soon as I can and I am sure many others here share my enthusiasm.

So...I've been talking about it, and now its closer to being a reality, but I got invited onto a corporate team for the 24 Hours of Adrenalin and am so pumped to be competing in such a well known event with friends, it will probably be more social than competitive, but we all get the same t-shirt at the end of the day! :) So the countdown is on: 85 Days to go! If you have missed the link before and want a peep:

So far this week has bought my Monday Yoga class, last night: a big dinner with friends as one of them is leaving back to Britain to continue their adventures...they will be back...Canmore tends to have that effect on you, tonight will bring a cookup at a friends house and maybe a mountain bike ride if we can find a dry track.
The rest of the week: walking with Luc, maybe find a quiet night in there and then a big weekend of skiing and more parties for leavers on their return home. One day it will be me...but not anyday soon :)

Hope everyone is keeping warm back home as you all enter Winter and I head into Spring and Summer X