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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Apr 2009

Location: my brain, Canada

MapBe still, quiet and listen...

Travelling alone is something that excites me and always has. I think of days where I will be travelling with my thoughts as my company, the road seemingly endless, nature at my back, visions of what will be awaiting me as I continue forward and breathing in the present. As I plan what I will be doing once I leave my little haven in Canmore, adventure overwhelms me. Currently my thoughts are to pack up a wagon and my mountain bike, a few items for survival and be off. I feel like once I leave on this trip, my life on the road will be unforgettable, unforgiving and challenging, but above all else something calms me, my eyes sparkle from the inside, it feels like my subconcious knows something that is not yet consciously apparent to me. It seems that comfort is no longer essential because the lack of security inspires growth. I am not searching for anything in particular but believe that along the road I will find myself and my inner dialogue will change. I will not elaborate further on the changes that may or may not take place, but the foundations are there, its only a matter of time and experience.

For those of you who would like to follow the planning progress or to physically join me along the way to share a part of the adventure here is the link to a map I am constantly updating and changing and even once I start the end result will probably be totally different.

I hope that you will all be along for the adventures as they continue and be there as the really big challenges begin.