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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 04 May 2009

Location: Sunshine & Canmore, Canada

MapSticky snow - huh??

Friday night was the usual affair...friends gathered up for a post-working week come down to help bring in the weekend. Chatting over beer(s) about Swine Flu, the economy, New Zealands brilliant ads (a little bit of time spent on youtube) and what the weekend was to bring. An early night for me though as I was up early for what could be my last session at Sunshine as the weather warms up and the snow melts away. Pancakes with icecream and maple syrup started the day in true Canadian form and it was off in the BIG black truck (again true Canadian form)...I need a run up to get into the truck its so giant. The bigger the better they say when there is 4 feet of snow :) The sun was already beaming down at 8:30am as we kitted up in the never-comfortable ski boots and cluncked our way to the gondola. Im not mentioning many names in my blog for two reasons...1. peoples privacy is important to me and 2. in fear of incrimination (both mine and others). Number 2. came into play as a joint was rolled in the gondola - and I thought - what better place, 10 minute ride with nothing else to do...why not! I need full capacity when Im no wacky weed for me :)
We managed first tracks on Goats Eye Mountain which was a little icey as the sun had not hit for too long on that side of the mountain, but still awesome to be out on another KAVU day. 2nd run down a friend took a big tumble and his ski's stayed on and he was down and out for the rest of the day relaxing what may be an MCL injury :( not fun. The downhill skiing comps and music in the village hopefully kept him entertained for the day. I am now also the proud owner of a very sexy ski helmet which will protect my melon from any future accidents and they are so toasty and warm, I had a fall in the park later that day as my skis stuck to the box jump (time for some wax maybe?) and my helmet held up well, so all is well in my skiing world. Delerium Dive in 2010 here I come!
Higher than normal temps and full sunshine meant that the afternoons skiing was slushy and I was to learn that as snow warms up it becomes sticky!! Who would have thought! The sensation of skiing seemed frictionless before, so your body sets up in certain ways not expecting your skis to catch...but on powder days and now, as I found out, on warmer days, your skis stick and kind of pull you back out of your frictionless set up and try to unbalance you at every chance...not very nice. We called it a day by 3:00pm and the ski-out was slushy, sticky and took double the time it usually does and considering we skied from the top of the mountain all the way to the bottom without a break im surprised my quads and knees held up. Arrrr...sweet sensations of taking off ski boots again overjoyed me and it was another quiet ride back home revelling in another KAVU day skiing and as the season draws to an end its time to pack away the skis and get out all the other gear that will take me through spring, summer and fall. Saturday afternoon I even managed to squeeze in a mini mountain bike ride once home and attempted some logs at the park...I have a nice scratch to prove that Im not so good on the logs...but managed to stay upright - so thats a bonus.

Sat night was a going away party for a friend leaving for Mud Island (England) and after beginning the night on Mexican beer...we thought it all to fitting to continue the night with Mexican shots. Argh...da da, da, da da, da, da da Tequila! It was nice to have a bunch of friends together yacking away, drinking, laughing and playing pool. After the white ball kept getting stuck in the side pockets of the pool table and I whispered to the bartender "its bad enough that im potting the white ball, but to make me come up and get you everytime, is totally embarrasing" so he opened up the table and we got free pool for the rest of the night! Sweet. It was a great night and at 3am I thought it time to go home and get ready to nurse a hangover which was to last the best part of Sunday :) It helped me to remember why I dont drink all that often.

Not much to report for sunday because I was nursing the hangover and Im sure you dont need the details of that! The only thing I managed to do was to get out for a walk, see my first gophers running around and playing with each other. So cute

Whats on for the week: Yoga tonight, Tuesday I have a date with Luc, Wednesday - I say goodbye to another friend as he is heading back to NZ with a big pork roast and planning a big weekend full of mountain biking.