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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 May 2009

Location: Canmore & Banff, Canada

MapIts one way to appreciate sunshine...

Mother Nature (MN) works in mysterious ways, and I think I have figured something out. In my recent blogs I have been talking about the weather alot, maybe even complaining a little, snow, rain, hail, wind, one flash of sunshine and rain and snow again. But when I took off to work the other morning the pine trees dripping from the fresh rain over night, sunshine, warmth in the air, the Rockies outlined by nothing but blue and it made me think that MN gives us that one moment to totally appreciate the power of our environment and what it is capable of. Maybe its forced appreciation, maybe not, but I look forward to so many more days of it because Canada is totally spectacular and getting out on the trails on the mountain bike with friends truly allows me to fall further in love with this place.

This week saw alot of time with friends, mainly eating, which I dont at all mind. In the middle of the week I had to catch a taxi home from work because the snow outside was so thick that it looked like white feathers falling down everywhere. Big, thick, slushy, white, wet feathers :) The next day the sunshine was out again, and it was time for the trails to dry out for a weekend of riding. Saturday night in Banff and as a friend says "if its tourist season, why cant we shoot them", its crazy busy in Banff with tourists, im from the next town over, so dont fall into that category anymore. Dinner in Banff included 2 Stag and 1 Stagette parties - so basically dinner and a free show as we watched the drunken festivities that are stag/ette parties. Over the weekend, I really only got out once for a full day of riding. Up to the Nordic centre along the 5km single track loop, again trying to get some training in for the 24 Hours of Adrenalin and it was awesome. Very technical, some parts of the track you come up a little rise jumping over tree roots and rocks, see that there is a cliff on the other side (which if you fell wouldnt kill you, but it would probably hurt alot) and you make a quick decision to flick the bike around and head down again over roots and rocks and stumps. Funnily enough it doesnt feel like exercise because you constantly thinking of your next move, you barely notice the heavy breathing and your thirst for water. This is much unlike the cycle/walk TO the Nordic Centre which is ALL uphill :) When going through that barrier of pain with constant uphills, I tell myself one thing - the only way is down, and its always worth it!

After a day of movies and a little riding on my long weekend day off it was back to the grindstone and only 6 days of work at law office until new job starts on the 27th May at the horse guiding company. I have a couple of awesome cowgirl looking shirts from the thrift shop (Australian translation: op shop) and will be borrowing an acubra hat from a friend. A roadtrip to Edmonton to visit friends and shopping at the famous Edmonton Mall this weekend will help me along with some cowgirl boots and maybe a few more crazy shirts and jeans to fit the part - Yeee Harrr!

The sun still isnt really giving it its all either...its snowing lightly again.