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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jun 2009

Location: Canmore & Johnstons Canyon, Canada

MapSunshine cometh and then taketh away.

I successfully completed my first aid course even getting 100% on the written test! If only university were that interesting and easy! Not only can I do CPR & bandage up breakages, I can now use epi-pens and the shock paddles, although I am struggling to think of a situation when I would have access to paddles it is still mighty useful stuff.

Another week of horseplay in the Canadian Rockies and the sun belted down day after day, all week I had brilliant sunshine to accompany on my way riding to work and on my way home, while I was saddling up, feeding, riding the quad, lawnmowing, pulling weeds with the cats, rounding up the horses with the dogs and while taking my first lots of tourists out into the wilderness. Picture perfect.

Thursday night was the big G8 ride as planned. 8 of us took off, riding past the 'bear in area' signs as we kept our bear spray handy just in case. We were off into the bush and it was all uphill to start with, the leaders and sweeps riders were quickly sorted out. I managed to find the only loose rock on a little climb up and had a nice crash right at the beginning, others also taking some time out on the ground when they should have been up in the saddle. After one twisty and some bear diggings it was time for the downhill to begin and no rider let the rocks and tree roots slow them down as we all powered down to the lookout positioned right in the middle of the figure of 8 track. The way back saw two log areas which were tried out again and again and then it was mainly downhill on the way home, stopping once for one crazy picture (in the "Link to Mountain Biking Photos" Photo area). The night continued with dinner out and a few cocktails at Zonas, a boogie until 2:30am and home time to enjoy my first friday off for my long long weekend :)

Friday was all domestic duties, shopping, cashing cheques etc and saturday held much the same. Sunday I took off to Johnstons Canyon to enjoy it in the spring when the river was running and the waterfalls stunning. I have added a link to J's photos that he took if you wanted a peek under "Johnstons Canyon - Spring".

Today on yet another day off I went to the orthodontist and realised that vanity is extremely costly and finalised all my fillings at the dentist and as I sit here my face is still half frozen and i have slurped my soup and I should really head out to enjoy the last moments of the day.

Three days of work this week, a mountain bike ride near Lake Minnewanka, the full orange trail at the Nordic Centre on thursday night (and probably more shenanigans thursday night) then a kayak course to learn how to roll, do wet exits and then to the Kananaskis River for the weekend for practice :) Fingers crossed for sunshine, the forcast isnt looking too good, I guess it doesnt matter if its raining and I swim...its all cold and wet.