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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Jun 2009

Location: Canada

MapAn update on the weather...

As Australia slides into the cold winter, with short days and freezing nights, Canada pushes full force into Spring and Summer is just around the corner.

Latest weather forcast:

18°C | 4°C Wed
23°C | 8°C Thu
20°C | 7°C Fri
23°C | 8°C Sat

What was baron trunks and gangley branches when I arrived is replaced by lush green leaves and sweet smelling flowers buzzing full of bumblebees. The mountainsides around Canmore are coloured with dark green shades of pine and the new diciduous trees fill any leftover space with shades of fresh light green. The creeks are running with snow melt from the mountains and the clear rivers are gushing downstream just waiting to be kayaked, rafted and canoed.

As daylight stretches out to 10pm nature comes alive; animals, trees, flowers and insects all seem in a rush, bursting at the seams to ensure their continuation before the cold sets back in, and the short warmer months are taken over again by the sleepy Canadian winter.

Its a special time and Im glad to be here.