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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Jun 2009

Location: Canmore - why leave?, Canada

MapMaybe a quick update?

Learning to kayak was alot of fun, harder work than I thought it would be, the people that I have watched make it look seamless and effortless. The water was cold, the instruction good and I managed not to swim all weekend. I am taking a roll class Sunday night with the same Bow Valley Kayak Club so that I can get onto the river with friends confidently with 'little' need for rescue.

I love my job even in the rain :)

I saw a grizzly bear last week on the horses with 8 tourists in toe. Amazing! He stood up on hind legs, took a look and ran off into the bush. That same day on a ride with friends we scared off a black bear on the 5km orange trail at the Nordic Centre - they are certainly active!

Im thinking of a trip back to OZ for a month early next year, nothing concrete...but its on the cards before my big trip starts as I dont think I can last 4 years without hugging my this breaks it up a little.

Im currently looking for work which will take me past my wonderful summer job and help me to save for my next adventure...fingers are again crossed in the employment field.

Think thats it for a short update

Love R.J