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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Jul 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapTheres no time for relaxing.

The beginning of the week went as it normally did, slowly, recovering from another steller weekend of events. The bike to and from work a little slower, the legs a little tender, the thoughts of relaxing in a hot tub wasting time away more frequent. One thing about Canmore is that there isnt many days with which you can relax without missing out on something fun and exciting. So far this week I've been dog walking, racked up plenty of hours on horseback, working hard on the ranch saddling, unsaddling, feeding, having fun :). Wednesday was Canada Day and although I was working, I didnt want to miss out on too much fun, so after meeting a friend for a late ride on the G8 mountainbike trail it was a quick spin downtown to the fireworks to help finish off Canada Day with colourful bangs! Sitting in the grandstand seating the pre-fireworks show was a herd of big brown elk feeding on the hill in front, happily grazing away, oblivious to what was to come. The moment the first bang went off the herd was off - can you imagine what they were thinking! The fireworks were awesome and braving through the cold Canadian night was worth it. As the fireworks finished around 11:00pm I looked up at the mountains, light coming from the top of the mountains, flashing, more flashing. A group had hiked the steller climb up Chinamans Peak (3 hrs return) half in the dark to watch the fireworks from above and now the sun was gone and the moon was high they were to make an impressive decent by any standards - let alone in the dark! A little ride home along the river had an awesome view of the bright moon in the cradle of the mountains lighting them up from behind, it was yet another moment I wished I had my camera handy but another that will be forever etched in my memory of the beautiful things that this world displays.

The Montane trail was set for thursday afternoon after work and although it took a bit of persuasion, I tackled the road up to the trailhead before the steller climb that the beginning of the Montane provides. What a ride! The last time I did this, there was still snow all around, all the vegetation still sleeping from the winter. Now the green surrounded the trail, the path dry and although hard work the views and the amazing trail was totally worth it. I tackled some parts I couldnt ride the first time and felt that although it was done the first time in different conditions, there was definately improvement. A dinner of steak, mashed potatoe and gravy was my just reward :) mmmm. I will take the camera next time so you can also share this trail, gorgeous.

Today I popped up to work for 2 hours to learn a new trail that is closed until July 1st for the elk to do whatever it is they do up there - i think this time of year they are giving birth to their young. The new trail was made by my boss further clearing already made animal trails years ago and they call it the Great Aspens ride, since then it has been claimed a proper trail by the government and called The Montane :) The second part of the riding trail I had done the night before. I probably now have a better knowledge of this area of Canmore wilderness than alot of locals. Sad stories also coupled this ride as we rested in a dry creek bed to enjoy the valley views back down to Canmore, with a canyon above us. A lady was killed by a Grizzly bear in this area a few years ago, the bear was only at the Cross Zee Ranch hours before and when he spotted people he was off. Sadly, through aggravation on the local golf course the bear descended to a trail that had a group of three girls running together. 2 of them backed away slowly - classic text book stuff of what you do when you run into a bear, the other climbed a tree, probably panicked and unfortunately was found deceased later on. There are big investigations when something like this happens and I guess only the family and the coroner know what happened. All I know is that its sad that these things happen when both animals and humans are in the same close proximity as we enjoy the bush and they try to survive.

Tomorrow may bring an easy 22km mountain bike ride from Canmore to Banff through a valley along the backside of the mountains here. Sunday is hopefully a steller 20km+ ride climbing 4000ft elevation taking approx 5 hours and if it comes together it will most certainly be one of the biggest so far! Monday I plan to climb Lady Mac mountain - but its all hearsay at the moment, Im probably going to need a day to recover from the ride the day before.

Weather update: Forcast is showers all the way - hopefully they are just overnight so we can enjoy the sunshiney days.
7° | 21°Fri
8° | 22°Sat
9° | 22°Sun
6° | 18°Mon

The seasons here are really definate, as I rode home today and the seeds with their connecting white weightless fluff flew all over the sky it made me realise that in such a short time the trees have sprouted leaves, flowers, pollen and now seeds for their regermination! It really amazes me.

Most likely I will have to complete another blog after the weekend to include everything that went on - so check you later! X R.J