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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Jul 2009

Location: Too many locations!, Canada

MapAnd then it rained.

Where to begin? My weekend started early, I was off at 5am friday morning with 3 pro kayakers to shuttle them down their crazy 40km, 3 waterfall, 7.5 hour haul down the South Ram River. Being up before the sun even rises is something that I know that I should do more often because of what I actually get out of the experience. The fog not yet lifted from the night, the sun trying to push its way through the fog to warm the ground. I saw two black bears beside the road, too many deer, a few elk, maybe a moose - they are rare here and it was a long way brain could have just filled in the blanks ;) As the hour turned to 6am and then 7am the tips of the mountains came into view as the sponsored iceclimber and paraglider pointed out and named the mountains and discussed the glaciers which perch themselves atop the mountains in all their glory. Most of the roadtrip conversation centred around kayaking (but of course) and I learnt alot in the whole 6 or so hours of driving that was done. I also learnt about different cuisines all around the world which the sport of kayaking took these guys to. My camera unfortunately ran out of battery pretty soon after I left the guys, so there is a few photos of them - a little of what you missed: eagles, cows all through the rural land I drove through to meet them at their destination, logging roads, quad & RV paradise, buffalo farms and home after 10pm - what a massive day!

Saturday was Calgary Stampede - YEEE HARR! Up early to haul to calgary for the day. This day was amazing, so much to do and see. I am going to allow the pictures speak for themselves here - click the link to the Stampede photos to have a gander (there is a few) hehe. Enjoy.

Sunday was a ride from Canmore to Banff with the gang, 20kms of easy trail to follow, some gorgeous rivers and one cute little bear - pics under Biking Album Mach II. It was quite a warm day and someone came up with the idea for a swim up at Quarry Lake (the local swim spot) and it was awesome! Floaties, drinks, sun, water and friends...definately plan to do it again and again soon :)

I finally got a car too, well its called a truck here. A 97 Ford Ranger XLT and will be my companion through many many kms on the roads. After 6 months with just a push bike I thought I would treat myself, its nice to have wheels :)

Today I went to work and it poured and poured, I havent been that wet since I last got thrown into a pool fully clothed. I imagined sitting in a hot tub and was so glad to get home into a warm shower and warm clothes. Builds charater I am told.

If it stops raining I will be trying to get in lots of riding this week as the 24 Hours is only a week and a half away (eek). This weekend Im heading for a roadtip and following a similar path to the one Belinda and I took in April, but this time without the snow and ice, the lakes will be unfrozen, and everything will look different. Will be taking the bikes and kayaks too :) Will keep you posted.

Im not getting into blogging today, so this is kinda a express version of what I have in my head, but hopefully the photos will fill in the blanks.

Thinking of you all X