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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Jul 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

Map24 Hours of Adrenalin...

And the title for this race couldnt be far from the truth. Unbelievable! It was such an awesome experience to be apart of this race. At the same time was the World Solo 24 Hour Championships...this means that men and women were biking solid for 24 hours around a narly 18km mountainbike course. 1700 feet elevation gain, extremely technical up and downhill parts, some nice track to gain some ground and some quad quivering uphill climbs. I was apart of a 10 person team which ended up 12th out of 62 teams! Pretty good for us considering it was social and there was a bit of beer consumed! Amazing to talk yourself into very little sleep, getting up at 5am to go and ride for an hour and a half, knowing how tough its going to be.
The atmosphere was electric, people were so nice and the adrenalin pumps so hard that you just keep going. People from behind tell you your doing well or "your picking nice lines, dont move over, im following you for a bit" hehe. Nice hey.
Believe me it was a tough course, my knees hurt, my lower back strained, fingers in pain, legs burning, your hungry, tired, wanting to walk up the next steep bit - but something keeps you going and your proud of what you can accomplish.
I hope the photos tell the rest of the story for me as I am still needing rest and getting over the sore knees and tiredness so I wont be writing a huge amount on it. One thing I would like to add is that there is some very driven people out there riding solidly for 24 hours, some very athletic people smashing out awesome times of around an hour for the course! Well done! It was so great to be amongst such a wicked group of people for the weekend.

Ok, onto other things.

Weather: see-sawing away, temps have been up into the 30's here during the day last week and weekend, nights bring rain and thunderstorms, I'm sitting here looking out my window as the lightning cracks down.

9° | 23° Mon - thunderstorms
6° | 18° Tue - showers
8° | 22° Wed - showers
9° | 24° Thu - scattered showers

Like OZ, you never trust the weathermen here either...things change. I like temps over 15 under 25 right now...good biking weather.

Found some horsies to play with in the afternoon for a trot, canter and gallop in Banff with a will be filling in some nights with just a little more fun riding. Giddy up!

One of my thoughts of late: Did I land myself in the best place first whilst travelling...what makes you go on when you fall in love with where you are? The unknown? I think I will continue on knowing it will still be here and I can return whenever I like. I know I have another year to enjoy it and continue my love affair with this place.

This week: get back into fun biking and not pre-race biking. Working 3 days. J's birthday on thurs, so a few celebratory drinks for the old man :) hehe. He will hate me for that. Maybe a float from Banff to Canmore on a raft. Some riding over the weekend and Canmore Folk Festival.

Love hugs and kisses from one tired racer :) X