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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Aug 2009

Location: Canmore Folk Festival, Canada

MapMusic sooths the soul.

The working week was as every one should be; short, sunny, tough and rewarding. Thursday night was the end of work and off to dinner for J's birthday which turned out to be a 4am finish, me the designated driver and J a little worse for wear - damn friends and their birthday shots I say!
I was excited for the weekend as it was the first taste of new music I feel like I've had since I arrived in Canada. Winter is brutal and noone feels like touring then, but now summer has arrived, so have the amazing artists and their soul soothing tunes. Saturday, Sunday and yet to come is the Monday session of workshops and music. Its more of an afternoon event, they have workshops during the day and a stage full from 5pm until late. Port Fairy Folk Festival is on the list for 2010 for sure!!! I love the atmosphere of these events, the colourful and crazy clothes, the FOOD - oh the food, the real food, the stuff that sustains your body for hours and hours, foods from around the world, foods that you can get nowhere else, foods that if you tried - you could never cook this stuff at home. mmm. I also love the people that attend these events, although there is lawn chair rage the people are genuinely friendly, fun and ready to dance at the slightest hint of a beat.

I bought a blow up boat for a place called Quarry Lake, its the local swimming hole and although the weather forcast isnt great the beauty of this boat is that you barely have to get wet, just dip the toes in and jump in if the need arises. This $20 Walmart boat also has oars, which means that I could take it out onto a river...a very easy flowing river for a float...should be interesting needless to say.

Another sunny day today, so time to get out and enjoy it.

I am starting to miss home. There I said it. X