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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Aug 2009

Location: Whistler, Canada


The day was looking dismal, the rain began at 3pm and it didnt stop until 3am the next this time I took out the last bunch of tourists for the day and received a $100 USD tip! Unreal! Finished work, peeled off my cold wet gear and headed home to pack for my 4 day trip.

The car was leaking through the windows into the cab, I tried to figure out how to fit 2 downhill bikes into the back of the cab with enough room for a mattress and all our gear. I received a call from another friend who wanted to take the 10.5 hour drive to Whistler and was a keen biker and I thought - the more the merrier! All 3 of us squished into the benchseat for the long drive ahead. The rain beated down, unrelenting. I was the first to drive and once the dark came, the lights from oncoming cars and crappy wiper blades, winding mountainside roads made for some 'killer' driving. I had visions of having an accident, slippery roads, not being able to see where I was going, crashing into concrete retaining walls, into oncoming traffic - i honestly couldnt see where I was driving! I pulled over and we swapped drivers, the next 3 hours the rain didnt let up and I talked the driver into staying awake 'just 50 more kms!'. A stopover in Revelstoke for a Tim Hortons coffee and a box of donuts (which then lasted 3 days for breakfast!) saw a driver changeover and we made it another 2 1/2 hours (me again chatting to the driver and ensuring we stayed on the road) until 3:30am. We pulled into a stop, pulled out the bikes and crashed on the mattress in the truck, my friend putting his thermarest under a tree and snuggling in his sleeping bag.

3 hours of sleep later, morning was here and after my friend biked down a slippery mountainside we had the bikes packed and were off again. The terrain changed to hills and rural sunburnt land, kind of reminded me of home. After a few more hours of beautiful driving we had arrived at our destination, Whistler, for 3 days of crazy downhill biking and watching the pros battle it out at the Crankworx festival. I am here now as I type this, settled in the village in the corner of a starbucks coffee shop - bikes surround everywhere outside, the people coming in for coffee are covered in body armour, full face helmets atop their heads, mud everywhere! I love it. The vibe of this place is contagious. Im about to head off to watch Ryan Leech a free riding pro ride over things like fences and jump his bike from seat to seat. Will blog again upon my return, a big night a chaos is planned tonight and riding again tomorrow, another 800+ kms to be completed before my bed is again slept in.

Just waiting for the sunshine to come out to feel what the summer is like over the Westside of Canada...should be 32 degrees tomorrow - we are hopeful.