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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009

Location: Whistler & Home again, Canada

MapCrankworks + Whistler = fun.

So in my last blog I was totally hyped up from being in amongst the craziness that is Crankworx. Dinner at a Indian Restaurant and a night playing Drenga (Jenga made into a drinking game) had me up into the early hours on Saturday night swapping ghost stories and playing with the 2 cats and the cutest puppy of the host house that I was sleeping in my truck outside of. Sunday was to be my riding day, hiring gear is definately expensive and I couldnt even try downhill on my Giant Alias...oh, I dont even want to think of the pain. Geared up, I followed my two friends onto the chair lift missing the hook I was supposed to put my bike on (and the hook that only people who know what they are doing are supposed to use) and made it safety to the top, watching the downhill pro bikers race and jump beneath me. "Crank it up" was the first run, which was a blue one, my friends obviously thought I was competent. I did this slowly, always careful on a new trail that I dont know. I made it to the bottom without too much fuss and tried "B Line" the next run - again successful, I gained more confidence. It was then up to the newly built Peak to Peak chairlift which on full speed takes 11 minutes, there is one pole on one mountain another pole on the other...nothing in between and a LONG drop down! Each of the cables weighed like 400 tons! See pictures for some idea of what this was like. Time to bike again and the top of the mountain not as well maintained as they bottom as I bounced my way down, basically just holding on and hoping the bike would go down, then onto some really technical crazy singletrack which was muddy and rutted out and I was dreaming of my lovely first run on Crank it after a late lunch I headed back there. This time with more speed, and this time I started doing some jumps. Higher and Higher, landing just right gave me more confidence as I started going faster and having way too much fun as I rode the burms, jumped the jumps and smiled all the way down. One more run and it was home time - we had 12 hours of driving ahead of us and work the next day.

One story I forgot to mention. Keen for a shower we looked into a campsite and snuck in, paid our $1.25 to have a shower and came out smelling fresh and clean again. I sat down to have some fruit salad and saw what I thought was a big black dog heading towards me in the campground. A better look saw me face to face with a black bear, probably the closest I have come without being on the safety of a horse. He looked at me and walked the other way...I took a couple of photos as he was walking away so you can see. Crazy bears.

A couple of stops and the boys sleeping most of the drive had us home, filled up with British Columbias famous fruit & Veg and soooo ready for bed! Maybe I will make it a multiday drive next time.

Oh...also, I plan to ride "Kettle Valley" an old train line built in 1913-1916, lots of tunnels, bridges, 300kms and mainly flat to accomdate the trains - thats my kind of trail. Would take about 5 days so am starting to plan it :) There is a photo of this also in the album.

Back home, the sun is beating down - has summer finally arrived? The mountains look spectacular on clear blue days. I should get out for some biking.


I also better update the weather - sunny all the way :) Woo Hoo!

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