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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Aug 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapCanmore Mountain Bike Dirt Series 2009 - Done & Dusted.

What better way to learn new skills on my bike than to get together with a big group of girls and coached in climbs, braking, descents, log features, teeter totters, fast cornering, switchbacks and much more. We started off the 2 day camp with skill sessions learning alot in 4 hours, after an awesome lunch it was off to try out the skills, my group went off the try the G8 - one of my favorite rides. I got a rock face descent, a crazy shaley/rock descent into a creek and wood features perfect and my coach said that I was in the wrong group. After a yummy dinner with the group at Tapas it was home for a really well deserved sleep. The next day we got to choose our skill sessions where I conquered the higher teeter totter, logs that we straight and ones that had curves in them. We also learnt to climb properly and I will be able to tackle alot more than before - even with shale and obstacles! It was up to the highest group for me and I have the choice of Reclaimer - a crazy downhill or Mosquito - a run full of stunts. I chose the stunts as I would prefer a coach with me on those, I could ride reclaimer anytime. You can see from the pics that I did an off the ground (about 2 1/2 metres) log feature with a crazy descent at the end of it. I mastered the manual and landed perfectly where the coach told me I could take her job. Wicked.
No injuries for the whole time, 5 minutes before the ride was about finished we did a creek crossing with a rocky descent and sharp rocks beneath, I hit the bottom, clipped in and went off to the side landing on my knee, a nice gouge finished off the weekend, but I was happy with my progress.

I cant wait to get out on the bike again!! A hike tomorrow will help me stretch out and down to the bike park to practice my skills. Loving it!