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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Aug 2009

Location: Misc places, Canada

MapAs the sun continues to shine.

After my crazy Dirt Series weekend, I was keen to stay out on the bike & practice my newly learnt skills and ensure it wasnt just with great coaches & support that I could ride what I had ridden. After I rested my sore knee on Monday after my crash I used Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to head to the local bike parks and play! Im getting about 2 feet off the ground going over logs and swapping onto rocks and back onto skinnier logs...Its a blast! Im trying dirt jumps which my hardtail bike wasnt made for and doesnt appreciate and I will spend part of tomorrow putting the gears back into the right spot to stop the grinding noise :( Tuesday I headed to Banff and after we realised that the bike park really was more of a death trap we did the 'tunnel mountain loop' which we rode on our mountain bikes, full steam, up and down the mountain - I was even tired going downhill I was working so hard! Twas fun.

I had two wonderful days for my birthday and received wonderful cards & gifts which I loved!! So much more special when your this distance away :) Thanks to Mum & Omi & J for the fantastic gifts :) Its a time when your really miss you family so it was also nice to have dinner with a family I am close to here, sing happy birthday and do the newly created 'Candlestick dance' where I was told by the 3 year old 'you got to move your WHOLE BODY' :)

Oh, almost forgot. Monday I did Ptarmigan Cirque (silent P) which is a neat alpine trail with awesome views. Saw my first Pika and watched him/her busy collecting grasses & flowers, running to and from its den, so fast, to have enough to eat over the it knows how much to get and how much time it has I will never know. Luc also watched interested and I didnt even want to risk letting him off his leash. On the trip up a lady had advised me that an area that looked like a dirt avalanche was actually the remnants of a Grizzly tearing up the soil to get the juicy roots underneath...Wow. The Grizzly had pretty much torn up the whole side of a hill in the search for food.

I have 2 weeks left at the Ranch where I will be working alot more hours to cover the other guide who has gone to University now summer holidays are over. Then...who knows, im currently going to be unemployed. Searching for jobs - joy.

The weather is still gorgeous, the mornings and nights are getting colder and people keep telling me that Fall is in the air...I can certainly feel the change. The sunshine beats down and the late summer which I assumed would come seems to be here. Wonderful.

Until next time. R.J