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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 Sep 2009

Location: Panorama & Canmore, Canada

MapYou can feel the cold coming.

As the time draws near for my last day at one of my favorite places in the world I try to not get too sad and instead think of the future. I dont really want to leave the ranch until I get my own big crazy funny farm, but I know I must. New opportunities, travel time and a winter which would be better spent in an office :) I guess it is time to move on now, the tourists have all gone back to the 9-5 and the mornings are chilly again. Fall here feels a little like an Australian winter, but with amazing trees which change colour ready to bare all in preparation for the cold.

I biked Panomana Mountain Village last weekend. Downhill biking still feels quite new to me, but after my amazing weekend of dirt series I feel I have the skills to tackle alot more. Jumps, drops, manuals, technical downhill, wooden features and burms were all tackled with more confidence and it was a great weekend. The biking hills too shut down in preparation for the ski season, so looks like its mainly cross country for the next month or so before the skis are out again. I put an album up of my weekend of downhill biking, so take a look to get an idea of what its like.

I also put up another album of my last days at the Ranch, trying to create more of a celebration of my time there than worrying about leaving.

The next few days I will be job hunting in hope that I can get a decent paying job for the next 10 months before I leave Canmore for awhile or maybe even for good and start on my next big adventure. Fingers and toes are crossed that something will happen as it has done since I arrived here. The saving for the next adventure is neverending!

Just an update, will get into more detail later in the week once I have a job sorted.