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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Sep 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapIts all part of the travel adventure.

As I walked Luc today at the dog park, the sun shining warmly on my back, looking onto the mountains illuminated against their blue backdrop I thought. I have struggled the last two days trying to find more work to take me through to the end of my time here in Canmore. The trouble is needing enough to save for the next big trip, the current job market, lack of well paying work and the length of time I am available to work. I know that whilst I travel a career is not an option. I know that although I dont want a low paying job, if I wait a little longer I will find something to get me to the next place I need to be. I remain optimistic. Its all apart of where I want to be right now and where I am heading.

The leaves are beginning to change, just to yellow so far, and maybe thats all around here. In Ontario to the East the leaves go red, orange and yellow - I would love to make it over there. The optimal time is late Sep early Oct, Ive priced flights, looked at the amount of kms...but as a friend told me "its a long way for leaves". We shall see, maybe theres something closer to home that somewhat resembles that beauty.

Time to make plans for the weekend, I have Luc so will head out on a nice hike somewhere.