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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Sep 2009

Location: Canada

MapThe glorious sunshine continues.

I asked, 'whats a hike which isnt too tough in climbing and has some great views', Healy Pass was the recommendation by my flatmate and it was brilliant! I was dogsitting my favorite pooch Luc and I stocked up with extra water in my pack and some doggie treats to keep him happy. Driving up to Sunshine Village Luc could barely contain his excitement, I did try to explain to him that this hike was 20kms and it would take us about 6 hours but Im pretty sure he didnt understand. He almost jumped out the window when the mountain goats covered the road in front of us. Finally we were there and up the trail we went. We have cool mornings as the skys contain no clouds therefore no heat stays close to the earth, but I knew that it was all uphill so i put on a brave face and took off in shorts and t-shirt. The forest was even cooler where the sun didnt shine and the ground moist, covered in moss and mushrooms, green with a tinge of fall colours mixed in. Luc and I powered ahead, clear streams allowed him a drink and a dip along the way. We passed about 7 other groups as we headed upwards, hints of the alpine sneaking their way through the pines now and then. Luc's loyalty and his desire to be by my side doesnt surprise me, but it makes me so glad that Im allowed to take him out.
After a few hours we had made it to the top and what a view! I chatted to a group of guys from Idaho who were hiking alot further than I and wanted a few tips on the area. They hadnt seen any bears, but were keen to. They continued onto Simpson Pass while I sat down to eat my lunch. My lunch wasnt my type of meal so Luc got most of it - bar a few bites of the meaty pita bread, he seemed alot more impressed than me. While I sat there chatting to another big group of hikers he watched a ground squirrel scampering around, his eyes unwavering. There was something swimming in the lake below me, but it was too far into the distance to see what it was. A group of 3 left and asked if I wanted to come down, blazing our own trail to see if we could get closer to whatever it was that was swimming. Luc and I followed along behind as the hikers before us used their hiking poles to help them down the steep hill to get between the lakes. I got pulled down by Luc keen to keep close to the others and stumbled down scree until the squishy bog area started. There was still snow all around the pass so Im thinking that as its melting its keeping the area nice and wet and boggy. Some amazing conversation followed, and some conversation which may change the way I had planned my future. These folks had travelled extensively and gave me so much good advice for my travels to come and it may be taken into consideration as I plan the rest of my adventures.
By the 15km mark, my feet were beginning to hurt, my major joints grinding together as I longed to sit down. Getting back into the shade on a 27 degree day helped, but both Luc and I were keen to get back to the car and rest. My new friends and I swapped emails and book recommendations and it was home time for a big afternoon of relaxation in the sun on the deck.

Sunday my body hated me for the day before so Luc and I just went for a short wander at the dog park to sniff all the other dogs in Canmore - well him, not me :) The sunshine still shining bright, giving its all before the snow falls again, thanks Sunshine.

Back to the job hunting now...still wishing for a great job to come along.

I think of home daily now. I miss everyone and think of the days on my farm-to-be. I still feel like I need to travel more...The big tough guy is on the travel end of the tug-of-war as the smaller guy tries to pull me back home. Who wins? We shall see.

Till next time Amigos