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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Sep 2009

Location: Calgary, Canada

MapI wouldnt change a thing.

I set my alarm for the first time in a week to ensure I was on the road in time. I wanted a full day at the zoo. The poplar trees are changing to yellow, they line the highway, the sun beaming into the car keeping me warm. For those of you who know me well know that I am into classic cars, I grew up in a 57 Chev, my grandparents own many rusted out cars from the 50's, some used to be racing cars, most have trees and plants growing out of them now as they lay decaying on the farm. So I was pretty happy to see a procession of classic cars going to opposite way to me and considering I am in North America, the birthplace of so many classic cars, it certainly was a heap of eye candy for that hour of the morning.

I hate city driving, I dont really enjoy cities all that much, but wanted to visit the zoo and I guess the city is apart of that. I battled through the traffic to find the zoo and packed my backback and was good to go. I wasnt sure what to expect, you all know im into animals and would advocate their rights at any given moment, and some zoos dont have the best reputation...but this one was way above my expectations! All the animals had huge enclosures! Most of them had mates in with them to help battle loneliness. One image from my childhood is the Tiger at the Melbourne Zoo, which paced up and down its cage, up and down, around and around and I still hold its image in my head. No pacing here. They were surprisingly interactive with the crowd, you would think doing this 364 days a year, seeing thousands upon thousands of people come through they would lose that interest, but no. From the looks of their cages alot of them are moved around to also combat boredom. I guess Alberta is the richest province in Canada - so its Zoos should be well funded. What a delight! I have an album full of animal shots if your interested.

I better go, Im in starbucks uploading the pics and I have to fight once again through city traffic to find my way to a friends house.

Till we meet again X