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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Sep 2009

Location: Canada

MapArgh, job hunting is exhausting.

So I found my friends place in the city, slight detour, but I got there. We organised dinner and I watched the sun set onto the high rise buildings that their giant cornered window looked out onto. Amazing yellows and oranges, reflections of blue and darkening skies. Slowly the lights came out and I watched in amazement at all the city lights glistening. The city bustles during the week but come weekend its almost like a ghost town - kinda nice if you live there. The sun woke me in the morning from a glorious sleep as it came between two highrises onto my face. I had left the curtains open, I was promised a good sun rise. When I am in the mountains the sun just suddenly appears over Grotto Mountain, but with all this flat land the skies are an amazing fresh yellow, like the inside of a daisy. It was certainly nice for a change.

I flicked on the t.v as my friends had a saturday sleep in and watched an adventure show called 'Man vs Wild', his aim was to survive the Darien Gap. The Darien Gap is a densely forested area in between Panama and Colombia, it is the land that joins Central and South America. It is well known as Colombias guerillas hide there, kidnappings are frequent, killings also. Scary stuff. It is considered inpassable, there is a road that goes through, but noone drives it, on a death wish maybe, but otherwise no. I watched with interest as I am definately travelling through Panama and will be flying from Panama city to the North of Venezula before cycling down through Colombia. Colombia is known as a cycling country, they are right into it, but kidnappings are a problem, they peaked in 2000 at 3752 but have been steadily declining each year. The stats are somewhere around 2-3 kidnappings a day in 2006, 1-2 in 2007. The reality is serious, but the country is stunning & beautiful and those who have cycled through it have said its a country not to miss. My personal scale runs from fearful to naive, I would like to consider myself coming somewhere in the middle, well informed and positive. I wont be going through the Darien Gap, but the reality is that I may be faced with some hairy situations and I must be prepared for that. I know in my heart and soul that everything will be ok, I will attract it and will come home at the end with many many tales. Awesome positive tales, some may be negative, but I know it will all be amazing.

Ok, so I ran off my weekend stories for a moment there, but I have been doing alot of research into my travels to come and I guess its all in the forefront of my mind. My feelings about it flux many times in a day, but nothing I have been told or read makes me want to stop. I like that my resolve is so strong.

Hrm, so I bought new bedding on my way back from the city; sheets, duvet and pillows to go with my newly upgraded bed my landlord set up for me. My theory is that if I sleep wonderfully for the next 8 months it will somewhat make up for my 2 1/2 years of tragically horrible nights sleeps that I will have once I leave here :) Oh the joys.

Today was spent relaxing mainly, taking Luc for a walk, having a wonderful breakfast...job hunting to resume tomorrow. Its about time. Save save save, maybe even two jobs to be able to achieve my travel goals. Will keep you updated.

Weather update is important too:

0° | 14° Sun
6° | 21° Mon
8° | 26° Tue
9° | 28° Wed

Gonna be a bright, bright, bright bright, sunshiney day! Or days, but the song doesnt go like that. Should be heading into Fall, but Summer continues and everyone rejoices.

Remember to check out the Zoo pics - so much fun!

Love Rachi, WachiJ, Jacka, Jackdog, R.J, oh and Rachel.