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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Sep 2009

Location: Baldy Pass, Canmore & Banff, Canada

MapThe trees have changed, now its time to get cold.

I have a feeling that one of my blogs in the last week either didnt post up, was lost in translation or maybe I didnt even write it? Hrm. Well I will make up for lost time and fill you all in.

So its now getting cold. I have added a photo album called Baldy Pass & Fall which has lots of lovely pics of the Fall over here. Here is the current weather forcast and this morning it was 6 degrees - brr. Quite the change from 30+ last week!

4° | 17° Mon
1° | 17° Tue
-3° | 12° Wed
-2° | 13° Thu

Ok, so what is news? Still job hunting - not saying anymore than that, there is a number of reasons for this. My travel plans or even my plans to come home for a trip feel like they are going to have to change, but we shall see.

As the bike season winds up my friends and I are trying to get out as much as possible. We did the purple trail at the Nordic Centre early in the week finishing up with a splash at the local swimming hole and then Baldy Pass biking on Friday. Baldy Pass is in K Country - 10kms up, 10kms down. We added on an extension and did 26.5 kms, it was a great ride, from forestry roads to single track, dense forest to alpine areas. The downhill was just one big scree slope, remnants from avalanches past. It was extremely technical riding which surprisingly only ended in one fall! At the end of this ride was this brilliant 4km trail, only half a foot wide, high forest with dense green underbrush - exactly how I pictured Canada before I got here, I had been looking for that image that I had in my head before I got here and this was definately one of them. It felt so good to finish this ride, it was definately on the epic side of things.

I went to yoga the other week and felt all the sore spots from my miscellaneous falls while biking over the Spring and Summer. Im carrying sore fingers, mainly on the base of them from downhill biking, my right knee I can no longer kneel on because I smashed it straight down on a rock. More currently is the big egg on my shin from Baldy Pass. Tough guy arent I!

I have been back at Cross Zee Ranch working functions the past two weekends, preparing food, serving, busing tables - no horsey time but thats ok. I helped clean out the Barn for a big dance this weekend that the owner is going to sneak me into and he offered for me to take the horses out by myself for a ride so Im really excited to do that next weekend :)

I did a small hike around Johnson Lake and also climbed up Cascade Falls which made for some great photography. At one point sitting up there a train came along, it wound around the mountain behind me, most of the train lay in front of me and the rest of the train hadnt come around the side of the mountain yet. It was huge, stacked two containers high, one had 6 big yellow school buses on it. Canada's life blood seems to run on the back of these giant trains and I like seeing them wind their way through the Rockies.

Thats about it for right now. More job hunting, interviews and travel research X

Well done to the Geelong Cats on another Grand Final win!