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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009

Location: Home?, Canada

MapIt can all change in a day...

I have been doing alot of thinking over the past month, I havent been working and wondering why I can not score a job to take me to the next place that I want to be. My mind travelled back to Tasmania and whether there was anything back there for me, but I thought I would just miss the travel. I thought yesterday, I have been gone for almost 9 months, I really dont have anything I want to do in Canmore anymore, I would still like to travel North America but my passion is not to cycle the whole of Latin America - it was just a great idea that I would have done if I had the resources. Then I thought, what is my real passion? I came to Canada, seen and done SOOO many wonderful things which I will never forget, but what is my other passion - well it was environmental law, the whole reason I stuck it out for 5 years at Uni. So I asked myself, well why dont you properly start following that passion and to allow travel to either blend in with it or create your work to take you travelling. Why dont I? I couldnt answer that one myself and then the excitement started to build. I looked at top Universities for graduate programs and Sydney has a few. Or I could move back to Tasmania, do my prac, get admitted to the bar and then go to Sydney for my graduate diploma followed by my Masters in Environmental Law. Now my heart was racing, I was getting excited, I wanted to call everyone but in OZ work had only just begun. I managed to talk to the people most important to me about it and the idea was cemented in my mind.

In one week I am going to travel through some parts of Canada that I havent been to (mainly the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island) and down through the U.S. Washington state, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah and fly out of L.A, California. I will have my mountain bike with me and be couchsurfing, camping and hostelling for the next month, maybe 2 months before I return to OZ. It will probably be sometime in November.

So, I guess I have a few people to see and say 'see you soon' too. I hate goodbyes. Ive made some great friends and saying goodbye to my great buddy Luc and knowing that he wont come bounding down the stairs when he hears my voice anymore. I will be back, this place is exquisite! But for now I need to continue my career which means that travel in the future may just be a little different to now. I did have high hopes of continuing my travel for quite alot longer, but its ok, I am at peace with the change. I chose to follow my passion for now. In 24 Hours I have changed my future, how empowering!

There are still blogs to come - I will keep writing through my travels in Canada & the U.S and although study is quite boring I will begin travelling through Australia to explore my own Country in the way I have done here.

Hope you enjoyed reading for the last 9 months :)

See you in Australia soon X