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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2009

Location: Canada

MapIt feels like leaving home

I am getting my extra share of Froster slushees from the local store. Ive been to visit my favorite sushi restaurant to get amazing tempura shrimp rolls and see the sweet japanese girls fuss over your order. You know you have found a real japanese sushi place when the take-out menu says "We try make good taste food But also nice presentation".

I look at the mountains at every opportunity knowing that it will only be days before they escape my eyes and must remain in my heart. With the cool mornings it almost feels like the winds of change are coming through to take me with them.

The last 9 months have been so wonderful, from the moment I stepped off the plane in Vancouver and took my first bus ride in the snow. Coming to Canmore and feeling like I was somewhere I belonged, like home. It was cold, the snow was deep and I loved it. Meeting Luc and spending my time with him exploring here while he staked his claim on all of Canmore. Getting to learn all of the names of the mountains around here, I felt it was important to get to know my neighbours. Everything at the beginning was new, it was the first time I was to experience it and it felt exciting. I was amazed how quickly I made friends, got a house and then a few days later, a job. I believe everything happens for a reason and the ease with which everything happened for me helped me to realise its where I needed to be.
The ski season was in full spin and I was taught to ski properly and loved that one of the best ski hills was only 30 mins from home. I learnt how to properly order sushi. I worked, had dinner parties, saw some of Canadas amazing scenery and winter was almost over.

Spring came, surprisingly the snow fell more, but the weather starting warming. Amazing alpine flowers started to bloom, slowly and then like the rest of the forest everything went into top speed, time to grow in the short season. I scored a dream job taking trail rides through the Canadian Rockies for a few months and worked as many days as I had off. I biked most trails here, learnt downhill biking, got in a team for the 24 hours of Adrenalin, did the girls dirt series, learnt to kayak, hiked mountains, saw more wildlife than most Canadians experience, biked longer and harder trails and generally enjoyed the sunshine and climate that the Canadian summer provides. Fall was on its way, everyone went home from summer break and Canmore went quiet. This is when things also started to quieten down for me and took a change hopefully for the better :)

So here I sit, making plans for my North America Roadtrip and with flights now booked its time to start thinking that next year is going to be packed with study and a job that I hope will continue me on my Environmental Law career.

Im so excited to be moving forward and experience things for the first time again, which sometimes is what travel is all about. Im more excited about seeing my family after almost 11 months and to give them big hugs, share my stories, take my brother out biking and show him all my moves and roadtrip with my sister as she explores the world herself.

Its time to say "see you soon" to my friends here, give Luc his last walk and follow the sunshine :)