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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Oct 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapAnd then it snowed...

So its been all packing and organising the last few days, only 2 days left in Canmore to go. I went for my last ride with friends to do a part of Jumping Pound Ridge and boy was it cold up there! 2.5km uphill, which I walked most of, the cold hurt my lungs as I breathed in heavily. We ate lunch at the top, nearly got blown off as you could see ice/snow particles flying through the air. 6kms downhill and I had forgotten my gloves, so my hands were like ice, so cold that I couldnt tell how much of the brake that I was actually pulling on, which as any idiot could figure out led me into a tree and off my bike. The result: a big chunk out of my knee and quite a bit of bruising on my legs. Damn mountain biking, the lessons you learn are often tough ones.

Current weather:

-6° | 3° Sat snowing
-9° | 2° Sun snowing
-4° | 7° Mon sunny
-4° | 8° Tue sunny

It really was only 2 weeks ago that it hit +32!! What a change.

A huge part of me is so sad to go, but a tiny part is thinking...its only cold from here for 7 months :)

I woke up to a white wonderland this morning. Currently I am sitting in my toasty warm bed looking out my window at the white trees and ground as the snow still floats slowly down. I was supposed to be going horseriding this morning, but I have a feeling that it wont be going ahead. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday morning...It would be nice to see my horsey family before I leave.

So many adventures to come...

Love Rachel.