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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Oct 2009

Location: Canmore - Kelowna, Canada

Map1st Day of Roadtrip

0kms – 487kms
355732 – 356219 G20kms

So off we went, saying goodbye to the snow covered mountains as we drove away from ‘home’. The sun was shining but the down jacket and scarf were still required. The wheels of choice are a White 1988 G20 Chevy Van packed to the rafters with possessions old and new, some will come home, some will not survive the trip. We had both seen a large portion of this part of the trip, so today was more to make up a few kms to spend more days at places we hadn’t seen. As the snow lessened on the mountains we pulled over at a rest stop, although the chair is comfortable no bum is made to sit longer than 3-4 hours at a time! Giant cedar trees surrounded a short boardwalk as the sun filtered in through the pine needles. Gorgeous big green and yellow leaves belonging to a plant of which the name escapes me blanketed the ground, they will soon be covered in snow, asleep for the next 7 months.

I got some wonderful gifts when I left from Canmore from a very special friend. I decorated the van with them in memory of the wonderful times there. I added to the decoration when we stopped at Dave’s Goatwalk and I bought some cheap colourful metal magnetic wasps which I then hung around the doors. Dave’s Goatwalk seemed like a bit of a circus, you put a quarter into the machine and a small handful of corn comes out. This corn is then placed into a metal cup attached to a string. The goats are up above you about 4-5metres, they hear the sound and come over, turn a wheel which pulls the string up and they get to eat the corn at the top. They were gorgeous and I enjoyed being in there with them feeding them the corn out of my hands rather than getting them to perform tricks – as novel as they were!

As we just began our drive into the Okanagan Valley known for its fresh fruits and vegetables we spotted a gorgeous lake with houses winding all around the mountains. We stopped at the next fruit stop and asked about camping, bought some apples, pears and nashi’s and turned around to find a cosy spot overlooking the water. The cold from the Rocky Mountains had been replaced with warmer sunshine so we pulled up the van, found the perfect spot and settled in. I have a feeling there is no one else at the whole campsite tonight and even the owner won’t be around. We have already cooked dinner noting all the things that we need to buy to feed ourselves properly over the next week, but spaghetti and soup with a dessert of pudding cup sufficed for tonight. I’m sitting here all rugged up overlooking the water, the fish jump every so often leaving rings of disturbance behind them. The lights of the giant houses lining the water are just turning on and starting to twinkle. Its quiet other than the noise of the odd flicking page as my camping partner turns his magazine every so often. The distance is a pink sky and I am hoping for more wonderful weather tomorrow for the drive to Vancouver.

I just realised today that I am now properly on holidays. X