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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 06 Oct 2009

Location: Chilliwack, Canada

MapThe best petting zoo!

425 driving kms
356219 - 356644 G20kms

After a great sleep at the campsite we were off early for breakfast as we still had not shopped. A quick breakfast and then shopping at Walmart for those bulk items for the roadtrip. Water, tinned food, good stereo system, candy and extra blanket for warmth were the main items. Driving alongside the Okanagan was like driving along the coastline, rugged, dry and perfect views of water with the sun reflecting off it. I decided that we had a bit of time so I was just going to pull off whenever I saw something fun. The first thing was a Tuesday morning farmers market - unfortauntely we had everything we needed, but J chatted to an American selling boots from Australia. I felt like every sign to a winery and then another winery was wasted on me - this would be the perfect wine tour, although Im not sure you could drive it, theres just too many places for tasting! Next stop was an ornamental gardens. Now its Fall here, even further to the West its still cold so I thought there wouldnt be too much to look at in the gardens, but I was pleasantly surprised. On the way out a small Black Bear took me by surprise and I got a few pics as he ran off into the gardens - what luxury to have all those manicured gardens for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Next was Farmer Johns petting zoo, now I was worried that this was just one for the kiddies but I was wrong and I am so glad. Everything is really quiet now because its the off season, kids are at school and everything is closing down for the winter. We had the whole place to ourselves chatting to the owner as she built new sheds for the winter. J didnt feed too many as he was worried that they would bite him. The animals were amazing, you can see from my pictures the smile could not be wiped off my face as I cuddled up to them and fed the ones that I thought best not to cuddle. The visit finished with a golfcart ride around the orchards. Bliss.

Back on the road and we drove to Chilliwack, today felt like lots of driving so I didnt want to go all the way to Vancouver. Chilliwack has soem gorgeous farmland and the biggest sheds. Im guessing the sheds are for all the cows for the winter - just goes to show how Canada has to adjust to the cold here. We are about 1 hour away from Vancouver and will be up early to blaze a trail into the city for shopping at the famous Granville markets and riding around Stanley Park.

Ive had a wonderful day.