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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Oct 2009

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapChilliwack to Vancouver

The squirrel made my day!

124 driving kms & 15 biking kms
356644 - 356768 G20 kms

After a relatively good Wal-Mart car park sleep I was awake at 5am excited again for a new day and what I got to see & experience. I finally talked J into getting up at 7am to get going. We parked near free wi-fi and found a camping spot as close to the city as possible and set the GPS coordinates. It was clear driving, blue skies, but as we pulled into Fort Langley the fog was so thick we could barely see the road lying in front of us. Fort Langley is a historic site which is not open at 8am, but closer to 10am, so a quick wander, a few pictures and it was back on the road to Vancouver! It was warmer this morning, im hoping it keeps going at this rate so by the time we get further South it will be wonderful temps to get ready for the shock of the Aussie summer.

Once we had settled into our camping spot it was off on the bikes to ride around the famous Stanley Park into the city. Its stunning here. I spotted a sea lion in the water beneath a big bridge, just floating on the water, riding with the tide. We rode in on the shady side and on the bike specific side passing lots of walkers along the way. Its funny to be back down at sea level, its very easy to bike along as my blood is used to carrying around much less oxygen. Once out into the sun I stopped as a big black squirrel crossed my path. The one I saw this morning at Fort Langley were really scared, so I guess I was expecting the same. I got my camera out and he actually started walking towards me. J said 'he wants food'. Luckily I always pack food and so I reached into my bag, opened up a wheat and berry bar and he was up on my leg before I could finish opening it. I took a piece out and he gently took it from my hand, ran back down my leg and ate it under a bush. He came back for 2nds and 3rds - mainly for photographic purposes, but I just had such a ball with such a calm placid creature! He totally made my day!

We continuted into the city and took the seabus onto Granville Islands - shopping Meca. I bought a couple of presents and ate some yummy Indian food - the same place I ate when I first got here back in January. Nice to know some things dont change. They are still taking a $2 deposit for their silver platter and fork so that you 'go green' to bring it back so they can wash it. I will always support places like that - and its great food! Take a look at the photos to fill in the blanks on anything I may have missed.
On the ride back I got to see my first racoons, someone else was throwing food, peanuts I think, down onto the ground. I dont think these are the cute little fluffy creatues like the squirrel, so I was happy looking from a distance. Back to the camping spot the long way around to take in more of Stanley Park and back for a swim, a hot tub and dinner.

As I sit here the Cunucks (Vancouver Hockey team) play on the t.v, there is a big group sitting there watching it. This sport still amazes me here. So much support. Lots to do in the city tomorrow...maybe fit in another bike ride on some of Vancouvers famous North Shore rides...only 2 more days to squeeze everything in here.

Make sure to check out the photos :) X