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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Oct 2009

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapLester took the day off today

Today was Vancouver City day, although I had seen a lot of it on foot in January when I first arrived in this stunning Country – J had not. The weather didn’t look the best and with my bright green bike attracting attention (bike theft is very high here), we thought it best to bus it. Walking over Lions Gate Bridge was even nicer than biking because I had more time and could look into the ocean, look at the currently foggy city and watch the sea planes over me, the boats under me. Waiting in Stanley Park at Prospect Point for the bus/tram to arrive - Its the hop-on-hop-off bus which looks just like a tram. The driver told us about a big wind that came through the park in 2006 and blew over 600 of its trees – big trees too, one 800 years old! Its sometimes nice to have this kind of day where you are not amongst the hustle and bustle of a city, but merely an observer. No-one can really see that your watching them and with such a diverse population in Vancouver it was nice to take it all in from a bus window. First stop was Chinatown, supposed to be one of the biggest. I looked for white rabbits, a candy that I remembered from my childhood days in Melbourne’s Chinatown to be told by an elderly Chinese man in one of the shops that Canada no longer imports them because of food safety reasons (something to do with the milk products I guess), sad, they were yummy candies. The gardens were beautiful, the Koi were giants and lazily moved around their lily filled ponds. We got off in Gastown which was the next stop to see the steam powered clocks, its a historical part of Vancouver and where the main town begun. Next stop Canada Place as I wanted to see the Imax there, but it was closed, so we lulled around looking at all the work being done for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, its getting close now (Feb 2010) and everything is at full pace to get finished. We decided once we got back on the bus/tram that we had enough and spent the next hour just listening to the driver and being taken through Stanley Park. They were filming a t.v program in the park “Supernatural”, which I haven’t seen, so not sure how big of a deal this was, but I was amazed at what it takes to put together a t.v show. Trucks, food, 4 of the same black car with the same number plate, cameras, film stacked high. I waved at one of the important looking men with a headset on, he waved back.

Getting off the bus/tram we had something to eat and then went outside to be told there was lots of Raccoons hanging around. Now yesterday I was worried about these creatures, but today I thought I would sit amongst them and get another of my tasty wheat berry snacks out. They were all over me as you can see from the photos to get their cute little hands onto the pieces and quickly get it into their mouths. There is lots of them here, I know that, but it’s still exceptional to be this close to nature and for them to trust you and be close to you. Another day that I was smiling

Back over the bridge and there was another sea lion hanging out, it could have been the same one as the other day. The afternoon was spent chatting to a fellow camper, listening to his stories, discussing Canadian and Tasmanian politics and environmental problems. He is originally Swiss, moved to NZ, then Cairns Australia and is currently road-tripping with his wife and 4yr old child. He has already done the TransCanada expanse in his Australian decorated R.V/Van which came from Europe and is actually heading in the same direction as us, so likelihood that we will run into them again, they were off to the wiggles concert the next day.