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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Oct 2009

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

MapThe main destination on this trip

Mainland B.C to Vancouver Island (Nanaimo)

I was awake early today, excited and again having to get out of a warm bed into the cold to do the walk to the washrooms. I was keen to get the van packed and onto the road to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge which was beautiful, but not worth the $ that you had to pay to just get in there. Once we had swung our way across the canyon and walked through the trees we drove straight down to the Ferry Terminal. We waited for a few hours because of the long weekend most of the ferries were full. We also decided not to go to Victoria which is down South on the island and go to Nanaimo because the line at the ferry terminal was smaller (the joys of not really having an agenda). Over the ocean I stood out in the freezing cold air in hope for a glimpse of an Orca...nothing yet. It was on dark when we arrived so we quickly found a camping spot, ate and slept. We were on Vancouver Island and I was happy with that.