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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Oct 2009

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

MapVancouver Island = Stunning

Rathtrevor Beach to Tofino

I woke up with a desire to get to the ocean, it was so close when we arrived last night, but too dark. I had an early morning shower which was set up with the conservation of water in mind. I’m not sure that they really thought about the fact that pushing a button every 5 seconds is not that easy when your washing your hair and body. 50 button pushes later I felt as fresh as a daisy and was off in search of ocean. I rode my bike to get through the campsite quicker and left it next to one of the giant trees that lined the shore. There were lots of gulls, there always is, but something was bobbing its head up every so often as it moved through the water. It looked like a seal or a sea lion but was too far away to tell – I was happy with any sort of action in the water really. The sun was rising and the sky was pink and orange and I was ready to get on the road.

I read somewhere that when trying to conserve money that you make the cheapest meal of the day the biggest. Off for breakfast it was and Canadians sure know a good breakfast. Eggs – how would you like them? Hash browns – shredded or cubed? Toast – white, sour dough, wheat or rye? Sauce – Hp or Tabasco? So many choices and it was a really good breakfast! Destination today: Tofino.

On the way we stopped at an injured wildlife rehabilitation hospital. Lots of birds of prey with gunshot wounds and broken wings. They had a big fly zone to rehabilitate the bald eagles and there was about 6 in there flying around – their wingspan is huge! We watched a video half way around showing all the releases and I just sat there crying, sometimes human kind does some wonderful things.

Between me and the stupid GPS we got lost so we missed Butterfly world, so maybe another time. The travelling there took us through century old rainforests and huge lakes surrounded by mountains. Clear streams with big grey boulders which broke up the water flow lined the roadside. We were told that a certain trail was good for whale watching, but walking around there we had no luck, just the distant call of a sea lion bellowing over the waves. Time for Tofino. We found a great camping spot, metres from the beach, parked Lester, grabbed our bikes out and rode into town. Orcas are the main reason for being here, so off to find a whale watching vessel. We think we found one we like and will do it Monday before we leave here. I got told it was Saturday today, I’m not really sure anymore. Over a huge seafood dinner, Vancouver Island beer and warm BC berry & apple crumble we watched the tide go out and a sea otter swim by. We discussed tomorrow and I’m keen to hire kayaks to lull around the small islands here and see what wildlife we can spot.

The sun has gone down now and I did a night walk along the beach looking back at all the campsites here. It’s Thanksgiving long weekend, so plenty more people doing what we are doing in this tourist town. The beach is lined with tents and fires and the lights from the hill top houses dance on the incoming waves.