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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Oct 2009

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

MapChange of plans

Tofino to Victoria

The ravens had torn apart the campsite next door by the time I awoke, I’m surprised the Raccoons didn’t get in on the action as well. I wanted to get on the bike early and get into town before any of the kayaking companies went off for their first trip, J wasn’t interested in doing much at all today so I rugged up and jumped on the bike. I actually don’t know what time it is anymore as its changed from Mountain time to B.C time and I now keep my cell phone off. So whenever I got into town there was a big group ready to go, unfortunately I was too late for this one and it wasn’t until 1:30pm that another one went out and I would have to persuade J it was a good idea also. Tomorrows whale watching wasn’t until the afternoon and there isn’t the greatest chance of Orcas here at this time of year. I peddled back fast and said to J, I want to change all the plans, lets go down to Victoria where there is known pods of Orcas there most of the year. It didn’t take much to get in the van and off we went.

I wanted to go to Butterfly World so that was pretty much our only stop (other than pee breaks and stretch the numbness out of the bum breaks). The butterflies were wonderful and they also has finches and quail – cause they don’t eat butterflies, a tiny red hummingbird which J took a liking to, quite a few tropical reptiles, frogs and spiders and a few resident turtles and koi. Very well set up and the butterflies had real flowers to suckle on!

Some of the country we drove through was gorgeous today, parts reminded us of Tasmania, other parts Victoria – rural, forested and green  Also the people looked at you the same way they do in backcountry Tassie “yoor not from round eear are ya”.
Our campsite for the night is called Goldstream and there are gorgeous big old pines and heaps of yellow and gold trees, Im sitting by the fire waiting for my bananas, chocolate & marshmellows to all mush in and melt together...

Tomorrow is Orca time...Im not sure I will be able to sleep.