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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Oct 2009

Location: Long Beach, Washington, USA

MapA foot in the sand turned out the best place to be!

So we continued driving in the rain for a few hours as we made out way to Long Beach. I could see that if the rain was not there it would be an amazing view with plenty of rain forest and beach. We arrived in Long Beach with rain still belting down and drove onto the beach, we pulled over and heaps of cars drove straight onto the beach and I encouraged J to drive out and do the same. Everything went well until I suggested we pull up and take some photos of the ocean and the little oyster birds scuttling around. 'Two wheel drive' J exclaimed as the right back tyre sunk into the deep wet sand. I told him to stop digging in deeper and that I would get out to take a look, we were in deep and werent going to get out alone. With the rain still belting down hard I started looking for wood and put into motion what I had learnt from Australian Survival videos I was shown as a child. Countless cars & trucks drove past us as we ended up covered in wet sand as I dug out the wheel and encouraged J to jack up Lester. Wet, sandy, worried about the tide coming up a man pulled up, pulled out a chain, attached it to Lester and said get in. We obviously werent the first people to get stuck on here. Driving back everything went fine I think it was just the spot we got ourselves into.
Covered head to toe in wet sand we drove back into town and found a little country Inn, Lester needed a night off and so did we. Now rugged out with wall heater, king size bed and cable tv its nice after over a week and a half to have a nice warm shower and a toilet close by - the things you take for granted :)
I got alot of laughs out of what happened today - J saw the humour later on...I laughed while I was getting soaked collecting wood - some things are meant to be and this most certainly was one of them.

Hoping to get to the Portland, Oregon Markets tomorrow...but it may be a pipe dream, its a long way and Im dont want to miss any of the Pacific Hwy - rain or not.