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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Oct 2009

Location: Lincoln City, USA

MapThe rain dance seemed to work...somewhat.

Cannon Beach to Lincoln City, Oregon
3114kms total to date

Just an ocean haze surrounded the coast this morning. Ecola State Park has this dense rainforest in which everything is green. The treetops, roads, ferns and even tree trunks with their thick green algae line the few miles of twisty road to get to the viewpoints. The coastline is supposed to be some of the best but surround in a thick ocean fog made it hard to make out the large rock standing tall, seemingly growing out of the ocean. The tall mountains plunging deep into the ocean were only visable at their tips. We seemed to cover little ground as we took detours, made stops at great viewpoints, sampled 3yr sharp vintage cheese & ate mounds of icecream at a cheese factory, took more detours and finally made it about 100miles later to Lincoln City.

They have almost fully automated washrooms here. When you finish your thing the toilet flushes itself, when you wash your hands the water ejects automatically and the paper towel gives you just enough when you waves your hands in front of it. Like a germless technology playground...if I were still a kid I would probably still be in there!

So the plan is to make up a few miles tomorrow and get somewhere near the California borderline. Seems like a nice campsite tonight so better go enjoy it and enjoy the yummy cheese and crackers I bought today :)

Weather report:
Showers along the coast heading into sunshine sweet sunshine as we move down South towards San Fransisco! Around 15 degrees each day.