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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Oct 2009

Location: California to Nevada, USA

MapWake up to the mooing of cows

We have crossed the Nevada border and would you believe it, all those terrible roads of California are now behind us, at the border line the lanes widened, all the bumps left, the centre strip now had a rumble strip through it and great side poles with reflectors. We stopped at a little town to get a map and continued on, there were numerous people pulled up on the side of the road, one of them had a giant bonfire going. I was keen to drive down and chat and sleep there, but J wasnít so interested Ė I guess they could have been anyone out in the middle of the dessert. The town we were heading for looked big on the map, but when we got there it was a strip of cheap motels and McDonalds. Young kids were all over the streets and one group on bikes were wearing masks. Scary. I donít know how I will cope with Halloween only a week or so away. That town didnít appeal to J or I so off we drove. Coming along the Hwy we could see the distant lights of Silver Springs. Im not sure I mentioned, but the other night when we were driving towards Yosemite the land was so flat you could see the lights of different cities and towns in the distance, miles and miles before you got there. I thought that was a novelty considering the mountains and roads we have been travelling on of late. Anyway, we are cruising along the Hwy into Silver Springs and off to the side was a campground sign, may as well take a look I said. After the rort that is Californian camping I wasnít that interested. $12 said the sign and in we went! Theres lots of moths around here and they are flapping around the little battery powered light. Bugs havenít been an issue because of the cold, so Im wondering as we head East and then down South whether the bug spray will be pulled out every night. As we pulled up we must have disturbed the cows in the paddock right beside the camping groud, its dark so I cant really see them. I look forward to waking up to them as well.

Hwy 50 tomorrow all the way to Salt Lake City. Yee Har. X